RAF Reserve AGAIN.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Adolf, Aug 1, 2006.

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  1. As there has been alot of discusion on a previous thread in regards to moving from the TA to the RAFA, would like some info on 606 Sqn prior to visiting the squadron next month.Mainly in regards to choice of trades as I quite Keen on the Gunners/Riggers & marshallers.

    Do you get a choice ? Do they look at previous military experiance in respect to placing you in trade group etc ?
    How is the squadron/social side compared to others etc.
  2. ?Where/When?
    If anything there would be more of a chance of the RAFAux being absorbed into the TA. However, the likely hood of this is very low as that would involve a merge of services/roles.

    In fact there's more likelyhood of hell freezing over before the RAFAux would accept being absorbed and visa versa.
  3. Reading comprehension not your thing? :roll:

    Adolf, you’ll get a better response if you try asking on e-goat.
  4. Adolf, are you sure you have got the right Squadron? 602 have only just reformed and are based at Edinburgh for the time being. They only recruit for Flight Ops. 603 Sqn are also there and recruit Gunners, (no previous military experience required). I did my Basic Gunners course with them and they are a good bunch. 606 Squadron at Benson are a Heli Support Sqn and their Gunners are the only ones in RAuxAF to routinely train as Rigger/Marshallers.

    Recruiting for most trade groups in RAuxAF does not require previous experience, (Chefs and Engineers are two exceptions that spring to mind). There must be a vacancy in your chosen Trade Group and you must pass the relevant apptitude test . PM me if you want to know more
  5. Adolf, don't think you mean 602 sqn...

    No 602 (City of Glasgow) Sqn RAuxAF stood up on 1st July 2006 after a very long (50yrs??) period of disbandment. The sqn has a very specific role so I'm guessing you have another sqn in mind (606 perhaps??)

    I'm also not sure e-goat would help much, think there are far more RAF reservist types on ARRSE!!

    PM me for further advice.


  6. Beaten to it by a fuzzy wuzzy!!

    Cheers mate, good advice....are you currently part of 603 then??

  7. No, I am at 606. The Regiment Flight is quite small so they sent me up to 603 for my BG Course. Happy days!


  8. I sent an email to 606 sqn last week and they have invited me to an open evening on the 6th Sept, so i guess if your interested get onto them now and you'll probably get a similar invite..
  9. We were out recruiting at the weekend and still have places on 6th Sept. If people do not want to use the email then you can use the recruiting helpline which is 01491 827234.

  10. Thanks Fussy-Wuzzy ,slight keyboard fault on my part,i did indeed mean 606 Sqn,Cheers
  11. Looks like the TA is totally shagged now - everyone's buggering off!!

    Some of you might remember my comments on the RAF Reserve on the other thread. Saw a recruiting stand at Sunderland Airshow the other day for 609 Sqn RAF Regiment based at Leeming, North Yorkshire. They seemed a good bunch but I've opted for the RAF Police as the RAF Regt role is too similar to what I am currently(TA Inf). Will give it a go but I am wary of the selection procedures - entrance exam in particular. No problems with anything but Maths and I'd hate to fail on something so minor!!

    It certainly serves as a reminder that the general intellectual standard of recruit to the RAF Reserves must be of a much higher standard than the TA - I know that most TA units don't care what mark you get as long as you can tab with weight and shoot straight!!
  12. Cutsy, If it doesn't work out at Henlow then give us a go. If you don't want to go Regiment then Supply might appeal. They do the Rotors Turning Refuel course in order to support Tac Supply Wing at Stafford as well as doing the heli handling stuff. We recruit nationally and have our own accomodation so distance need not be a problem


  13. RAuxAF Med Assts now need to be IHCD/State Registered Paramedics to do the full range of duties.
  14. I think this reflects the closer relationship that the RAuxAF have with the regulars.
  15. I have been reading these RAF reserve threads with interest, and was wondering if some one could answer a question. I am in a specialist unit due to the fact i don't live in the mainland, so an independent unit is out. Although on average i do 50-60 days a year and the ta pay for my flights. Is there a similar kind of set up in the RAF reserve where you do not have to be in a certain area.