RAF remove Saucy Pin Ups

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BigRed, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. Yes, they are horribly offensive

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  2. No, they remind us that we are all human and shows a certain amount of panache

  3. Don't care, it makes RAF look like American wannabe's or a sub division of Eddie Stobbart

  1. I see from today's "Daily Mail," that the RAF have decided to remove the pin ups from the nose cones of their planes.


    Even though there were no complaints the powers that be have taken this move so not to offend any female serving members or muslims.

    WTF! The pin up was first put onto a nose cone in the war to remind American pilots what they were fighting for. I cannot believe that anyone sees it for more than it is and wouldn't take offence if a female pilot wanted to put some Chippendale on the side of her plane.

    If respecting a country that we have "Liberated's" customs then they could have been dressed up (but not Burkhad)

    Next thing the Tour concerts will go all PC after all females get Jim Davidson or Ian St John and us blokes get Nell McAndrew and a Dance Troop of crop tops.

    Is it just me or is the world going Mad!?
  2. I think it's a fair measure, you can just imagine how offended a member of the Taliban might be the split second before a JDAMS sends him to paradise..

    "Bloody hell... there's a naked woman on that nose cone, I must write a strong letter to Tony Blair!"
  3. i didnt want that coffee anyways
  4. We can bomb them into oblivion, but God (or Allah) help us if we offend them. Come on, Get a grip on reality!
  5. how many people can you offend at 20,000ft going at Mach 4??
  6. Aren't the RAF simply enjoying the legacy that we know and love as "Tradition"??

    After all, it's tradition that still has the KRH wearing their Cherry Trousers, the Guards calling full screws Lance Sergeants and AGC (ETS)..... well anyway, you get the point!

    Leave the bloody paintings where they are and spend time worrying about things that would offend most normal people, like a suicide bomber blowing up a train or another soldier dying because MOD are more concerned about Political Correctness than they are Force Protection.

    OK rant over, I feel better now, thank you!!
  7. Bah, most of them only ever stayed on till a repaint anyway.

    Probably it's just another cost cutting measure or a spare WCmd/GpCpt trying justify his post. :roll:
  8. Good point Sheep, do you think this could be yet another covert bid for an MBE under the 'PC' umbrella???

    Hmmm, all very cagey and scooby doo me thinks!!
  9. Depends on what your dropping :twisted:

    This fcuker might offend a few people

  10. don't you mean HERE
  11. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    During Granby we used o write messages onto the bombs as did our relatives in WWII ect.
    No doubt some closet-lesbian-feminist seen the pictures & got pished off!Besides the paintings were done by us groundcrew & each one was named after the jet. IE-Donna Irwin was D I tailcode.

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  12. Your memories goin', Spike! :D Pretty sure the glamour puss that one was named after is/was Donna Ewin. :wink:
  13. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Old age setting in... :oops: 40 today.
    I checked my references & your correct DPM_Sheep,thanks. :D

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  14. You're bad luck. I particularly recall that one from many a fine teenage letch at the delectable Miss Ewin. :D

    and Happy Birthday, mate. :wink:
  15. Many happy returns Spike.

    Don't fancy yours much though .........