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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by buddahboy, Jul 2, 2006.

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  1. Gday Gents
    Just a quick one for you. I understand out there that for some reason out there RAF Regt guys have done the commando course and wear the green beret. However have any soldiers from this Regiment done P Coy and wear the Maroon Beret.
  2. Only those that are attached to 16AA BDE.
  3. Rockapes have their own selection course before attending BPC and as such do not have to attend P Coy (though some may do so for the craick!). Neither passing P Coy and BPC is a requisit of wearing the marron lid (another urban myth). Like your man says, the would appear to be part of 16 AA Bde.
  4. Have you any links or pictures regarding this?
  5. Is there much difference in the initial training of RAF Regt and Paras??

  6. some say yes, some say no, usualy dependant on what Regt or unit your from! :)
  7. As a insider, who will enter a sensible answer before the usual slagging begins, the training is the same but different. RAF Regt train to infantry standards but have a completely different role to the Paras. Not all RAF Regt are para trained for a start.

    Can anyone else settle an arguement for me?

    Have been reading some posts on the RAF site (e-goat) and someone says that they saw an RAF Regt Gunner wearing LCpl rank. Now as a Rock Ape I know that we do not have the LCpl rank (don't go there, sore point). Have any of you Inf types come across RAF Regt Gunners on exchange with the Army who have been required to wear LCpl rank?
  8. they do not do p coy, they do pre para, which is the same but not run by the paras, it is in house, they then go on to brize as every military parchutist does, and then RTU to honington to join II SQN.if you want to go II, you have to put it on your wish list(a choice of 3 is to be oput down a couple of weeks before you pass out), it is best to do it straight from training couse your use to the beastings but you can do pre para at any time. the paras all ways have a go, saying that every one on II sqn wants to be on 2 para, which is bollocks!!! basic training for the regiment is not only different to the army(infantry) but is different to the rest of the RAF, in that the gwins go to halton do 7 weeks basic, then pass out for tea and medals, they then go to trade training as a member of the RAF, the Regiment do there training as a one'r, 7 weeks then they have a "familys day" where they recruit gunners parents/realatives are showen round the station, then 14 weeks of what would be classed as "trade training" then there pass out with all the bells and whistles, No 1's, band all the crap that makes your mammy cry. :cry:.
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  10. I can't believe "Beastings" and "RAF Regt" in the same paragraph. :)
  11. There is one role in which RAF Regt Gnrs wear LCpl badges and that is to highlight their role as Fire Team commanders on a predominately Army unit. As such, it is a badge of position and not rank. It is down to the requirements of that unit and does not happen anywhere else apparently.
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