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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by Jeff.The.Chef, Feb 29, 2012.

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  1. Heard a guy in my pub today telling everyone he was RAF Regt and parachuted onto the Falklands Islands in 1982. I have heard nothing of this type of mission at all. Any ideas?
  2. It's all true. Now move along.
  3. And then he said they were big 3, and Op SILKMAN was an operational jump.........yawn D-
  4. Nobody parachuted onto the Falklands in 1982, I believe even the Speshul people were kicked out of SeaKings.
  5. That well publicised jump onto the FI, suprised no one else has heard of it!
  6. It's true. Was it Taff from Wales in the pub or Geordie from Newcastle?
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  7. A few people parachuted into the sea though.

    As for the thread, is there a bin in this place?
  8. Drunken ex-service person exaggerates service to blag free beer, **** me stop the press.

    At least you know he's not a total walt, no self respecting fibber would claim to be raf reg.
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  9. Did he tell you about a milion blank rounds being loaded onto one of the ships?
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  10. I think you'll find it was 2 Regt the real 2 PARA :)
  11. Now that IS a story you can believe in!!
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  12. The parachuting hero will be wanting free drinks when it gets to April no doubt. It'll start something like.....'30 years ago when I parachuted in to Stanley...'
  13. To be fair, we could have annihilated Argentina's entire supply of permafrozen D shaped pasties with that amount of blank ammunition. Assuming they'd all agreed not to shoot the guy blowing their shite in pastry to pieces of course.
  14. I'm not even going to dignify this pathetic waaah with a reply.

    Oh bugger......

  15. Not quite, there were two seperate sorties. The replacement CO for 2 Para was static line dropped from a C-130 following the death of H Jones. An SAS squadron were static lined from a C-130 into the oggin towards what was to be the end of hostilities.

    Edited to add....................... bugger!! I shouldn't be so straightforward. Why didn't I see that coming..........................................