raf regt to get l/cpl rank

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by DAKOTA_STAB, Jan 9, 2009.

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  1. some of you are gonna find this hard to believe but the rocks have been given the rank of lance corporal. 8O

    appparently its due to the fact that senior sac's are leading small teams out in the field so the rank has been established.

    it was on d11 so cant put up a link, anyone with access to the raf version of armynet might be able to find it.

    and no its not a wah. :D
  2. Don´t see a drama with it.

    The Marines have LCpl too, and they are to the Navy what the RAF Regt are to the RAF...

    Always thought the SAC RAF Regt was pretty much a LCpl (Inf and RM) anyway. It just tidies it up a bit.
  3. There is a thread from about 6 weeks ago on this.

    Cant find it though :oops:
  4. some of you are gonna find this hard to believe which bit DAKOTA_STAB
    And the point you are trying to make other than you are a boring c ock

  5. Bet you don't say that in and around Lympstone. :roll:

    Thats one hell of a promotion jump.
  6. Interceptor brain cells never meet up in your head do they,"What it doesn't say is that the rank of Lance Corporal will be given to RAF Regiment officers on completion of their commissioning course at RAF Cranwell", next time you open your mouth to let your arse talk think 1st. Recruiting officers need to go through officer training at RAF Cranwell before they attend JROC and then become RAF REGIMENT officers.

    stop showing your ignorance you thick pongo CNUT :x
  7. So the rock apes have caught up with their younger bretheran in the CCF (RAF) I wonder if they will call the rank "Junior Corporal"
  8. Its true where you find one pongo cnut you will find another.sense of humour i am on here am i not, must have one now fcuk off nob
  9. What no sense of humour verticalgyro :D
  10. That works a treat if you imagine Yoda saying it.
  11. Well, the crabs have been calling the equivalent of L/Cpls 'Sqn Ldr' for a fair few years.

    Knowing how the RAF operate (one rank up from both other services*), they will have a load of Flt Sgts as section 2ics.

    A Gp Capt (Col equiv) does not command a 'Group', he commands a Station (Regt equiv)
    A Wg Cdr (Lt Col equiv) does not command a wing, he commands a squadron.
    A Sqn Ldr (Maj equiv) does not command a Squadron (Company equiv), he commands a Flight (Pl equiv).
    A Flt Lt (Capt equiv) does not command a Flight, he commands nothing more than his own bowel movements.
    A Flying Officer (Lt equiv) doesn't usually fly, he assists the Flt Lt in his underpant responsibilities.
    A Pilot Officer (2 Lt equiv) doesn't warrant an equivalent to anything human.

    Funnily enough, you'll find several thousand on here seeings how it's the ARMY Rumour Service, poindexter. :roll:
  12. see there's a man with a sense of humour
  13. Jaybee won't be making LCpl, will you Jay?
  14. you think, and i thought you were just a thick pongo too