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RAF Regt to commission painting of 'The Battle of Bastion'

As above, those cheeky monkeys in blue are commissioning an oil painting to celebrate their brave victory against the Taleban in the recent attack onto the camp. Truly, they know no shame.
I think it'll be jolly nice, Biggles swooping down out of the sky eight Brownings blazing as he cuts the murderous Taliban down then off for tea and medals.
How many VC commendations are being sent up for this epic battle, the glory of which dwarfs even Rorke's Drift?
Now come on. There was only 150 of them with AH support and the best part of a USMC air squadron (all trained infantry I believe?). Against 20 local insurgents.

The men of Stalingrad would be in awe of the odds faced fearlessly by the SRDG. Gawd bless em.
Sadly not a wind up. Announced in mess meeting. I wonder if it will include the recently abandoned OP that was discovered 300m from the perimeter. You'd have thought that might be in their ptl area.

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