raf regt - para reg

Just lookin for a bit of decent gen about p coy hopefully some you para lads on here be able to help despite the vendat you have against us haha my uncle was lookin for some lads that were on 2 para back in the 80's he was a l/cpl named simonsmith
I'm just a normal gobby **** can I stay and play
I think his uncle was a para and he wants to find some old mates of his but no cnuts, cnuts aren't welcome
MtC, allow me.

The OP has an uncle that was a lancejack Para that wishes he was RAF Regt instead of a wannabe. His uncle did line ups for 2 Para back in the 80's but had a medium sized discharge from some as yet unknown STD. The OP hates Para's for molesting the uncle and his dancing bear.

I think.



What the **** have you been smoking?
RAF Regt "Para" calling normal Paras cnuts. Hmmm I call wind up. And quite a poor one.
They are cheeky scamps, 2 Sqd at the COB in 2008 were mega, a couple of their senior numbers were confusingly wearing maroon t shirts with a full Peggy on the back, they also had the most ornately decorated helmets I'd ever seen, strange considering they spent most of the working week stagging on their own wagons 100 yards from DFAC 2.

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