raf regt - para reg

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by ice-blue, Jun 4, 2011.

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  1. Just lookin for a bit of decent gen about p coy hopefully some you para lads on here be able to help despite the vendat you have against us haha my uncle was lookin for some lads that were on 2 para back in the 80's he was a l/cpl named simonsmith
  2. **** me, you sound like a lovely chap, have you recently fallen off a motorbike and used your skull as a brake?
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  3. I'm just a normal gobby **** can I stay and play
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  4. I've read that three times and it still makes no sense. None.
  5. I think his uncle was a para and he wants to find some old mates of his but no *****, ***** aren't welcome
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  6. Nah way blud fuckin RAF reg real 2para gobby **** 80's haha lol bruv innit ****

    Hope this helps.
  7. RAF Regt "Para" calling normal Paras *****. Hmmm I call wind up. And quite a poor one.
  8. init me breadbin
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  9. U dissin me blud????
  10. nah bruv we safe
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  11. MtC, allow me.

    The OP has an uncle that was a lancejack Para that wishes he was RAF Regt instead of a wannabe. His uncle did line ups for 2 Para back in the 80's but had a medium sized discharge from some as yet unknown STD. The OP hates Para's for molesting the uncle and his dancing bear.

    I think.
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  12. Sweet blud 80's haha gobby **** 2para innit lol etc etc

  13. What the **** have you been smoking?
  14. Brilliant... Excuse my misstyping ability im using my mobile i did repost this thread wich made alot more sense
  15. All Crime Is Caused By Incorrect Beathing