RAF REGT - One Non-Walt. Candidate for a transfer?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ned_Seagoon, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. 1 non-walt does not a reputation make. However, hats of to Matthew Carter for earning his MC. Should we offer him a transfer?

    Flight Lieutenant Matthew Carter – Royal Air Force Regiment – Military Cross

    "On 4 June 2006, Flight Lieutenant Matthew Carter of the Royal Air Force Regiment was deployed with 16 Assault Brigade on an operation against a suspected Taliban compound outside the town of Now Zad in Helmand Province. During the first of three contacts, he coordinated and directed close and accurate Attack Helicopter fire support with devastating results for Taliban ground troops. During the last contact, he left his vehicle fearlessly exposing himself to significant risk as he forced his way to the front of the fire-fight to join the forward troops. This enabled him to direct aerial cannon fire against a determined enemy 30 metres in front of him. This risk was essential given the ferocious weight of the incoming fire from the Taliban.

    "His direction of these engagements proved critical, destroying the enemy location completely on one occasion. He remained with the lead dismounted elements of Patrols Platoon and took part in the immediate compound clearance. During this time Carter repeatedly exposed himself to a significant chance of being killed and, because of this gallant behaviour in supporting his unit he enabled the Patrols Platoon to regain the initiative.

    "On 14 July Carter participated in a Battle Group operation to capture or kill a high value Taliban leader. During the insertion to the helicopter landing site the first wave of Chinook helicopters were heavily engaged by Taliban machine gun and RPG fire causing the aircraft to lift off again, after only 20 seconds on the ground. Fearing being left behind on the aircraft, Carter jumped some 15 feet from the tail ramp into the darkness, realising the vital role he had to play in calling in air support to suppress the enemy. Immediately he got into the cover of a nearby ditch and called in an aircraft to destroy the principal threat of an enemy machine gun. He controlled the aircraft's heavy attacks, which were close to his own location and destroyed the Taliban position only a few metres away. This significant and gallant contribution by Flight Lieutenant Carter proved to be decisive by allowing the remaining aircraft to land the rest of the Battle Group to complete the mission successfully. For this act of selfless bravery he is awarded the Military Cross."
  2. Congratulations and well done!!
  3. Good drills
  4. Hats off and well done to that man
  5. Well done young Mr Carter, bloody well done sir!
  6. Its not often I say it but well done the RAF
  7. Well done Matt, He is a bloody good FAC and should be proud of all the "red ink" entries in his log book.
  8. Damned good effort, well done!
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Not having seen an FAC in 20 years I was surprised to see that the "Regiment" are providing them, I thought they were jet jockeys too old to fly or something?
  10. Well done Matt.

    Knowing him, I feel sure he will 'resist' your kind offer. :lol:
  11. It makes old Cuddles heart feel glad. A harkback to the days when all a Gunner FOO had to do to win an MC was a) shout "Fire on me" into his handset and b)survive!

    Bloody good effort Mr Carter. Well done!
  12. Well done Mr Carter tranfer at once you have now proved you should not be with the RAF. :!:
  13. Anybody who jumps of the tail ramp as the Chinook is taking off, under fire, has my respect.
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Maybe he knows what an unbulletproof bullet magnet they are, I for one would have had to be thrown off screaming for my mummy!
  15. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Well done Sir!!!
    I knew a few Rocks from my time in the RAF,some good & some bad.
    You Sir,are among the Good!!!