RAF Regt in the SFSG

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by wellyhead, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. Ok this thread is not supposed to be an rockape baiting exercise, but it probably will decend into one.

    My question (which was hgihtlighted in part in another thread) is why exactly are the RAF regt there ? I'm not saying they shouldnt be just I would like to know the practicality

    I have come up with 3 real solutions

    1. They are considered to be as good as Para or marines

    2. They have a specific role in capturing and securing airheads for SF ops

    3. The SFSG need to be para trainied for role purposes, and they are a shortage of para trained people (I am assuming that the Marines are all para qualified)

    OK, my take on 1 is thats pants. a set of wings does not mean you are a good solider, I have come accros many non "elite" infanty units that would beat paras and marine hands down on skills and drills, that aside they are not infanteers any way so there would be a skills gap (please don't give ne any "We all do the infantry job" crap). Secondly I have it on good authority that the RAF "P Coy" is nowhere near as hard as the inf or All Arms one, and that was from a rather tubby looking chap from "2 Para" as he liked to call them. He considered it to be a bit of a joke to tell you the truth.

    2 seems logical but do you realy need RAF Regt for that when any part of the SFSG could carry out the role, don't forget this is support to the big biys, surely this waould fall under the catogory.

    While 3 has a certain logic to it, 1 Para raided, Marines have there own numbers to consider maybe there are holes that RAF can fill.

    Personally I think a great opputunity has been missed to form a new unit with its own selection availible to all wearing one capbadge, but hey thats just me
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Why are they there? Someone has to guard the FOB and the RAF Regiment have maintained an elite 'stagging on' capability ever since they were created.
  3. Maybe it's just to keep everyone happy. Para's keep the Army brass happy , booties give you Navy involvement and the RAF Regt keeps the crabs happy. Altogether everyone has an iron in the fire and all is happy and rosy.
  4. Wellyhead

    Whilst they make up one of the Platoons, they also fill all the FAC and TACP billets.
  5. Perhaps there was just a desire to make the unit appear inclusive rather than exclusive. The odds are, that some apes have the capability to be as good as their Army and Marine counterparts, they just made a questionable choice of arm. Hopefully those with ability will now have the chance to fulfill their true potential, while those less capable individuals can always "wait out front and keep the engine running"
  6. Think they also provide a lot of the Combat Search and Rescue Elements.
  7. So they dont feel left out. :lol:

    The Navy and Army are both represented after all.
  8. RAF Regt battle honours:

    1 Sqn: Kurdistan 1922-23, Kurdistan 1930-31, Palestine 1936, Habbaniya, Iraq 1941, Egypt & Libya 1941-43, Gulf 1991, Iraq 2003

    2 Sqn: Transjordan 1924, Palestine 1936-39, Egypt & Libya 1940-43, Iraq 1941, Syria 1941, El Alamein, North Africa 1943
    Iraq 2003

    3 Sqn: Iraq 1923-25, France & Germany 1944-45

    16 Sqn: Iraq 2003

    26 Sqn: Gulf 1991

    27 Sqn (RAF elm of Jt NBC Regt): Iraq 2003

    34 Sqn: Gulf 1991, Iraq 2003

    51 Sqn: France & Germany 1944-45, Gulf 1991, Iraq 2003

    63 Sqn (Queen's Colour Sqn): Italy 1943-45, France & Germany 1945, South Atlantic 1982

    From rafweb.org
  9. I just did a quick google on History of the RAF Regiment and get this form an original site
    A Brief History of the RAF Regiment
    Formed in the storm and stress of war in 1942, the RAF Regiment was born of the official recognition of the necessity for an indigenous and credible RAF ground defence force.
    Out of interest , how do you account for the battle honours you have listed that are pre 1942 ?
    This isn't a wind up and Im not baiting you. Just interested.
  10. Royal Flying Corps?
  11. The earlier battle honours were originally awarded to RAF Armoured Car Companies, which were incorporated into the RAF Regt.
  12. cheers matey
  13. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    There's your answer
  14. I thought 2 Sqn lost the para role as part of Options for Change in early 90's?
  15. was in iraq in 2003 with the JHF 51 sqn fcuking rubbish 63 sqn who took over the peace keeping role very good.