RAF Regt in the COB

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by dogmonkey, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. Whilst this is relatively tongue in cheek, can anyone explain exactly what they do in the COB?

    A bouy relatively well visited, but current observations would suggest the answer is not a great deal.

    Any blue-jobs out there who can explain without breaching OPSEC?

    I am getting pretty sick of my blokes having to take up the slack as they are 'too busy'. So busy they can play 5-a-side whilst the PBI stagged on a blue fcuk up!

    Watch and shoot!
  2. Don't they keep the EFI in business?
    And when not doing that just cruise around wearing Oakleys being big time pricks?

    As much as i like to slag the rock apes off, on e of them did win an MC last year - Rock Ape MC.

    But they are still big time knobbers
  3. They do the same role in the COB as they have always done(not hang around the EFI).

    They patrol a large area outside the COB and surrounding villages to try and negate the rocket threat.Remember that the security of outside the wire is left to essentially a Coy sized group.

    They DO NOT gate guard.

    However there are a fair share of big timing twats amongst us.
  4. Interesting. That's what a Coy of 2 R IRISH are doing... so what are the RAF Reg doing again? This includes IRT and clearance patrols for flights...

    To me, that makes the RAF Reg's only true lifeline of a role (AIRFIELD DEFENCE) obsolete if it's already being done by a coy of TA Infantry ;)
  5. To be perfectly honest, I believe a Sqn of the RAF Regt to be just as capable as any other light role Coy group.We are given the exact same inf training, and there is no reason why we cannot perform other duties.

    On Gaz3447's point, what are Reg army units doing at the COB just now if they are not allowed in central Basrah anymore?
  6. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    You've clearly not heard of MITTs then.
  7. Woops, a correction on my post. Had it in my head that COB = Bastion. Please take this into account when reading my post. Sorry for the confusion :s
  8. There's no R IRISH here.

    Apart from that, the rock apes are all right but prone to posing around the Old J1 Village in their shades - they soon stop when a Coy of Warrior roar past them on their way to a proper op though!

    The RAF Police on the other hand...
  9. read my last :) Confusion over Basrah and Bastion :S.
  10. Beat me to it! I did wonder :)
  11. Surely that doesn't take up the X number of thousands the Army have deployed?
  12. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    From Defence Intranet:

    The 50th, 51st, and 52nd Brigades continue to be mentored by their respective UK MiTT. The MiTTs are embedded with their Iraqi counterparts offering advice and guidance on request. MiTT responsibilities are currently undertaken by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, 2 Royal Anglian, 9th and 12th Royal Lancers and 4th Battalion, The Royal Regiment of Scotland. All are part of 7th Armoured Brigade on Op Telic 12.

    That's in addition to sy of Um Qasr, the coy deployed in Baghdad and guarding the detention facility.
  13. From close personal experience over the recent past, I can inform the assembled masses that the RAF regiment in the COB are the most delusional wastes of space that I have ever had the misfortune to deal with, they expend a great deal of time 'directing things' but rarely ever actually do anything, their 'direction' is also much hampered by a complete inability to organise a piss up in a brewery. They do not reveive the same training as normal infantry and this shows in their everyday working practices. They are over resourced and quite frankly an insult to the soldiers who have to work along side them with considerably less resources and more work to be done. Sack these amateurs and or contract out their job to civilian contractors, I've had enough of picking up the slack from these security guards playing at soldiers.
  14. Hang on didn't a RAF Regt bloke just recevie a military Cross for his actions in Iraq along with with some other guys who got gongs (MID's OBE etc)

    And during the tour the squadron had 4 KIA and recieved 10% casualties.
  15. So, that answers the question then? Slack handful of medals. Some casualties. New sunglasses. Existence justified. Somebody else's war stories. Problem solved. Close thread.