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RAF Regt epic fail?

Bit harsh mate, the article does say the driver was an Afghan and not RAF Regt. Although the SOPs of the potentially failed attack could well be RAF Regt ;)
So just how is this related to the RAF Regt? Clearly states that it was an Afghan driver and that the US Marines had taken over security.
Even VIP visits will have a element of unavoidable weak points, an 8 mile radius location is quite a tough call unless 'all' resources are available, key areas identified and maximised with manpower.

Raf Rgt, Snowdrops and available attached arms to assist. However isn't this an combined US location??

Something the Police have learnt, insufficient Police numbers on the beat so replace/increase with PCSO's to dominate & gather intel.


Kit Reviewer
When the Tongan CGS came out on a recce to decide what task the Tongan contingent was to fulfill we offered them a training & security role at the HPTC, but they chose to girl it in BSN with the SRDG.

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