RAF Regt double amputee completes worlds toughest race

An amazing feet.

The first 5 miles were a killer.


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Well done to him and his best mate, who walked with him as well.
An absolutely outstanding and inspiring achievement......... Well Done!!


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Impressive. To say the least.

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Not taking anything away from him, but it was only achievable because he had knees, I doubt it would be possible for a double above knee.
Well done that lad, a seriously great effort by a Brit veteran. As TE Lawrence once said believe, and I know I'm paraphrasing, there is only one enemy out there - that is the desert!

Lawrence served his country in WW1, and wore both khaki as an Army officer and post war as an OR (under a pseudonym in the Tank Corps), and light blue in RAF as an OR (two periods under a pseudonym).
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