RAF Regt does it again...

Discussion in 'Strategic Defence & Spending Review (SDSR)' started by Vladimir_Ilyich_Crab, Mar 2, 2011.

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  1. Having had the release of the breakdown of tranche one cuts to the RAF, it would appear the only RAF Regt personnel up for grabs is 1 x Gp Capt, out of the 21 gp Capts across all branches to go.

    Given that the RAF Regt have recently (or possibly imminently, but definitely happening) lost half of its operational taskings, ie the Field Sqn at Kandahar, how have they avoided any cuts at all? Now one field Sqn is left at Bastion, something aking to a tick sucking the blood of the Rhino that is the USMC.

    Its quite amazing to think of the staff influence said Regt must have - when the aircrew that run things eat 170 of their own young but leave in situ the grouping that has lost 50% of its deployed taskings. Oh yes, having stood up the 8th Field Sqn within the last year.

    Believe me, the maxim now is the only thing that will be left after a nuclear armageddon is cockroaches and RAF Regt.
  2. I'm no fan of the RAF Regt. But you either want to have the ability to protect our aircraft on the ground and/or our airfields, or you don't.

    The role does not need to be pushed the Army's way, and quite frankly not having the option to be a lead nation (if not a unilateral nation) on future operations is below us.

    Let em stay.

    Realistically the RAF Regt are cheaper than the winged master race, so even on unemotional, non-tactical, and purely economic grounds they would not offer the saving required.
  3. First off I believe the RAF Regt are due to lose 1 Sqn in the next couple of tranches, and possibly a second after HERRICK is wound up.

    Secondly, even after KAF commitment is taken away, the extension of the BSN footprint, and the other jobs of the RFS,means that it is a Sqn + tasking at a minimum.

    So your looking at up to 2 Sqns on every tour, 4 Sqns every year, therefore the entire force of 8 Sqns deploying every 2 years. How much of the army has a similar cycle?

    So basically the upcoming loss of KAF and a Sqn means our commitment will remain the same.
  4. The RAF Regiment redundancy package is a seperate announcement which hasn't been released yet, try not to see the current redundancy DIN as meaning "no cuts" for them, as it's likely to be quite the opposite.
  5. I don't think anyone unit, branch or capbadge is safe - the axe is swinging rather wildly at the moment. Any coherence that may have been planned seems to have been taken as an early savings measure, and that's what scares me the most!
  6. Not sure that is entirely true but............PR11, standby all in light blue polyester, nothing is off the cards. For the Army and RN I am sure that the same budgeticide will find its way to an outer office near you soon.

    And in related news a friend of Mrs JPW called today to ask about employment outside of the RAF with her son being made redundant just 3 weeks from gaining his wings. Despite being a barrier technician myself I cant help but have sympathy for the lad having worked for some years to have the goalposts moved at the last safe moment.