RAF Regt attaches Walter to US Marines

This thread really p1ssed me off, glad to see some of you guys are taking them to task, w4nkers.


for those that can't view the page here's the two first posts from these maggots.


Sad news, it would be tragic to be a special forces soldier trained to such a high degree and then go out like a punk.

Some sources say only one SAS soldier was killed so not as bad as it could have been.
oh god, i didnt know the SAS were on board!
thats bad!
And War and Killings reply.

What in God's name makes their lives any more important than those of other servicemen ?

Think about this, there are young men and women of all services deployed around the world and every one of their lives is of prime importance to many of us !

Just because you happen to like watching some actors in a drama should have no bearing whatsoever on the deaths of real soldiers, sailors and airmen regardless of their particular unit.

Remember every one of those that have died thus far once lived, laughed and loved just as you do. We're talking of REAL people here !

You need a serious reality lesson !
Please stop fellas. I've been llaughing so hard my wife thinks I'm in respitory distress.
For christs sake, I'm in tatters. I only got as far as page 4. It was the undercover as an RLC laundry unit, and that was it I was off stool and on the floor. genius. pure genius.
Had a really bad day, EO mate of mine rings me up, have you been on the Arrse Website recently? No says I. Tell me about this thread.
When I referred to that dredful program as Ultimate Farce he pissed himself laughing and said something about great minds thinking alike.
Can somebody tell me why does the UF forum exsist? just why?Surely the UF program makes it clear the Boys are a secret organisation, and would not be on the net annoucing it to all and sundry.
But who am I to knock it. It has provided me with the funniest 30 minutes this year.
keep it up chaps.
I wish I was that funny but I'm not.
Botty hungry guardsmen? where do people think this stuff up.
thats it, I'm off again. cheers. :D :D :D :D
chickenpunk said:
Sniper800 is 100% dead-on certainly B_B. She really is a woman on a mission! :D

Perhaps someone should warn the Ultimate-Forcers that Sniper800 is actually a weird middle aged woman who is sexually fixated on special forces personnel and is grooming the teenage UF fanclub for 'God-Knows-What'. 8O
With any luck, she's found home :D
Just caught up on all the overnight posts & all I can say is "O H M Y G O D!" 8O

I just hope that all the non-ARRSE posters (who are of course completely mentally stable :roll: :wink: ) are logging on from a secure unit somewhere. There does seem to be a worrying lack of real world / fiction divide in the minds of some of them.

Re SAS in Hercules thread, I really hope that your posts made a few of them stop & think.
AHHHHH. Ultimate-Force website. what a bunch of Tawts. You can't use the word Arrse it gets ****.
Plus I have been polite and congenial. Yet this walter B**stard The_Sloping_Wire keeps giving me a hard time. Purely for pointing out that the Royal Marines are part of the Navy not the Army.
And I admit I did call him a walter.
I asked him if has was an ARRSE to avoid a blue on blue and get

"Which websites? The Army Rumour Network? What the hell is that? I can't read the other one - asterisks again" Who are you?
He told me I would be unsuitable for the SAS - check the link.
I want to deck this prat.

I have to say watch your fire.
He might not be a confirmed walter, might be a wind up merchant.
but if he twitches...............give him the good news my lovely boys

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