RAF Regt airborne snipers don't inspire confidence.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by the_boy_syrup, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Further to the latest excellent MOD_RSS feed here

    RAF Pumas arrive in Ilford for Olympics role | Army Rumour Service

    Also this excellent peice of journalisim from the Daily Mail

    Ready for action: A fearsome Lance Corporal - who cannot be named for security reasons - a trained sniper with the a high-ranking regiment, shows what he will be doing throughout the Games

    Read more: Royal Navy's largest warship sails down the Thames as armed forces put on show of strength for Olympics | Mail Online

    I can't help feeling that Al Qaeda isn't going to be their only worry during the Olympics.
    Early evidence shows that Arsse may have infiltrated their high security ring of steel and sent our fearsome warriors a message.

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  2. Growbag: check.
    Tom Cruise lid: check.
    Allyest-looking gat in Christendom: check.
    Sniper badges: check.
    Wings: check.
    Ally suit patches: check.
    Spam flying gloves: check.
    BFO watch: check.
    Oakleys: FAIL.
    Shit-eating grin: FAIL.

    I don't know whether to laugh or cry, but I bet he gets laid.
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  3. What's the patch on the brown flying helmet?

    Seems it's proof he's a sniper.So that's ok then.
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  4. Sniping with a shotgun from a helicopter isn't a recipe for precision, I wouldn't have thought.
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  5. Er, I'm not that in to all t his sniping from helis.

    But if you're close enough to use a shot gun, wont the pilot be chopping the target up with the rotors?
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  6. Or have essentially landed, at which point everyone can get out and do some accurate shooting.
  7. Perhaps the shotgun is for repelling boarders? What's the underslung gubbins? In my day it'd have been a pickaxe handle.
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  8. Crossed rifles surmounted by 'W' for 'Wanker'
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  9. Top of the van - classic!
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  10. Mudguards subdubed-check
    Name and Heli Sniper (FFS) badge subdubed-check
    Sniper qualification badge bright white-FAIL
  11. Eh? Accurate shooting - The RAF - In the same sentence - Shawly shum mishtake...?

    If they use shotguns to 'snipe' from the air, they have an inbuilt excuse for missing, or for hitting Friendly Forces.
  12. There was a rockape LIEUTENANT CORPORAL being interviewed on BBC news yesterday, same guy I think.
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  13. Yes, I saw the shotgun too and wondered how on earth you can snipe with it!
  14. If on the other hand he bags a left and right woodcock,and has witnesses,he can join the Shoooting Times Woodcock Club.

    Is that a laser pointer slung under the shotgun or a video camera with wifi capability to upload footage directly to Youtube?
  15. SHUDDER, been watching way too many Hollywood films