raf regiment

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by LEFT200, Jul 17, 2004.

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  1. raf regiment. when they go, will they be missed?
  2. They're being replaced by Group 4, funded by a Lottery grant. 8)
  3. They haven't gone yet? Never noticed.
  4. There's a few that work at our place and they reckon the rumour is they'll go along with the 4 inf btns.
  5. We're all doomed 8O 8O 8O
  6. If the RAF Regt lose Rapier then , what is their role in a modern,mobile force.Lets be honest if there were any real need for them they wouldn't even be looked at in the Air Defence review
  7. The only use for the RAF Regt that I'm aware of is as a mongbag unit to which mongbag cadet units can be attached. That way a bunch of ill-led, disinterested and unmotivated cadets are not cutting about wearing the capbadge of the real RAF.
  8. meeeooow.
  9. Absolutely!
  10. RAF Regt probably the most famous regt to the ATC (Air Training Corps).
    Soz I wos a ATC cadet but so what ???? RAF Regt: We do X,Y and Z but the TA form our first line defence == Super STABS
  11. Who's going to look after the winged master race then???
  12. What winged master race? After the cutbacks, that'll be two men, a dog and and the one Typ-Hoon the MoD can afford to buy.
  13. As i said, a regt formed on the back(keeping up numbers) of the ATC. Mag to grid -- rid
  14. Worked with the RAF Regt on ops recently. Great lads. Will hear no ill said against them.

    Well, I might hear some ill but not for long: the speaker will feel the sharp end of my "LASER".