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Discussion in 'Officers' started by Cymru_am_Byth, Jan 13, 2006.

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  1. Can you choose the join the RAF Regiment as an officer upon completing RMAS? Not that I would want to, I'm just wondering.
  2. I doubt it. Why would you want to?
  3. Erm well as Sandhurst is for the Army, and the RAF Regiment is funnily enough part of the Airforce, you're probably better off going to Cranwell if you want to go Rockape.

    Why would you want to join the RAF Regiment anyhow?
  4. just wondering, someone in their last term at RMAS said it is possible.

  5. Please confirm that this is a "wah".
    If by some remote chance it isn't, try this simple balanced equation : Army Officer = RMAS. RAF Officer = Cranwell . Does Army officer = RAF? If you have asked this question in all innocence, might I suggest you just go straight to Cranwell Comprehensive?
    Oh, and while we're on the subject, I assume you mean TO join the RAF Regiment? Your sentence construction is another factor in favour of approaching the RAF.
  6. i didn't think it was possible, i thought he might be wrong
  7. Perhaps if you transfer but isnt there a minimum time you have to do before transferring? Dont think your sponsor or the Army would be too impressed either, and would the RAF have you straight off or would you have to do some training with them? Anyhow why RAF regiment when you could join many fine Army regiments and not be tied to security patrols of some airfield?

    And if it is looking for something more, and the RAF Regt say they are part of the big 3 - paras, marines and RAF regt - ha! I know a guy whos in and he said "we do for the RAF, what the Marines do for the Navy!" Now I know their training is meant to be harder than for Infantry but 16 Air Assault and 3 Cdo Bde go EVERYWHERE and I wouldnt like to be stuck at RAF Honington or wherever keeping scallies away from the wire...
  8. No disrespect, but why would you bother attending RMAS if you want to transfer into the RAF? In theory, it is possible to transfer across the services and retain your commission. The ease of this process very much depends on what you have to offer the unit in question and whether they want you to undergo any prior training or selection courses before they decide they want you. I would think that unless you are an Infantry officer with at least a years post-Sandhurst experience then the RAF Regiment would want you to undergo their Junior Regiment Officers Course at Honington. Why don't you contact the Regiment squadron you are interested in.
  9. But WHY would anyone want to join the RAF Regiment?
  10. To look warry driving around Basra air station in there pinkies. Friggin walt towats.
  11. Professional "Friggin walt towats"
  12. The RAF Regiment cannot be considered during the RMAS Choice of Arm process. Transferring to the RAF from the Army you would require to do a minimal amount of officer training at RAF Cranwell (in my experience, people have been required to complete the RAF equivalent to the Professionally Qualified Officers Course - just enough to get to grips with wearing the right bits of kit, knowing what the ranks and structures are and learning just about enough to avoid embarrassing yourself).

    There is a big difference between being an Army Officer, an RAF Officer and an RAF Regiment Officer: The Army equip men, the RAF man equipment, the RAF Regiment protect the equipment. Each of those crass definitions should give you an insight into the tone of the job and the people required to do them and the inherent differences.
  13. I don't understand where you are coming from. Your post in the Signals board says:
    Now you want to join the RAF Regt. But by going through Sandhurst.???
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    Do a search back through the forum and you will get an impression of how the army views the RAF Regiment. The reality is that, while the RAF Regiment does have some good people, it has more than its share of poseurs and fantasists, and a role which seems to be becoming narrower all the time. As Barbs has noted above, if you want to join the RAF Regiment, go ahead but you will be wasting everyone's time by going to Sandhurst first.