RAF Regiment?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by frigate23, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. Got no other option than to leave college!

    Whats the RAF Regiment like? Don't be saying its shit just cause you hate crabs!

    Need some serious advice cause this has totally fucked my life! Got no other option than to join up!
  2. Seeing as you obviously want someone to, I'll be the first to ask what the great cataclysm is.

    TW@ !
  4. Well if that means problem, I've just fucked A Levels for the second time, and I've grown up in a military family, just don't know any other world!
  5. B0llocks, mate.

    Whatever drama you're going through, joining the Rockapes, or any other branch of the Armed Forces is NOT you're only option. And to be honest, if you say that to a Recruiting Sgt, he'll probably tell you to Foxtrot Oscar and grow up. :roll:

    Take a deep breath and chill the fcuk out. :meditate:
  6. So you'll get some sensible advice from ARRSERS then !? 8O College has fecked you up ? Didn't you already have a head start ?!
  7. Surely nothing can be so bad that it would make you consider joining the RAF Regiment?

    Have you considered a life of the dole?

    What about becoming a pikey?
  8. Thats funny! Haha did know it was a risk posting it on here!

  9. raf regiment? they are good forces, but seriously.. they are the, how do i put this.. backend of the infantry.. Ever considerd the army? :)
  10. F23 ! Do you have a Nectarcard ? If so, you'll fit right in !

    edited slightly
  11. This is the Army Rumour Service. Crab-bashing is mandatory.

    Take a while to think through your options, don't jump to a decision. If all else fails, these days you get food, shelter and SkyPlus in prison ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.