RAF Regiment to teacher

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pitswamper, Jan 6, 2013.

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  1. ''I was living in the line of fire. I've got a few scars.''

    It's awesome to think the next time I walk the lonely dark streets of South Dunedin I could bump into the RAF Regts very own John Rambo, praise the Lord he's settled down here...... :)
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  2. His guppy Hamish died after a fellow Rockape chundered into his tank! Have some respect you bastards, he's suffered!
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  3. I'm quite alarmed that someone who's 44 has spent 30 years on and behind the front lines.
  4. Dont forget he's served " behind the lines". I'm guessing the newspaper got confused over who's front line he was deep behind and wrongly thought it was the bad guys.
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  5. It did say NEARLY 30 years, aged 44, born 1968, joined 1985 at 17, left in 2012, 27 years service, easy. But, some of the stuff is a tad iffy, where were the Rocks in 86 for him to see death? Cookhouse?
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  6. Glad I wasn't his friend, the careless cunt!
  7. I hope it wasn't full of pies at the time, the carnage and grief would have been unbearable ;-)
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  8. Wah Shield up.

    Op Banner

  9. Only one "n" in Honington. And what is a "NAAFFI"?

    Fcuking illiterate Pongo! Bet you couldn't be a teacher and tell your war stories to the local rag!
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