RAF REGIMENT take casualties STAN

Was this at KAF ?

I was there on Herrick6 - August 2007.

One part time Rock (51sqn, lossie?) became a fatality then. Along with an interpreter. Not good. Only had two weeks to push.

Hopefully this time the news won't be as tragic.

As much as I enjoy winding RAF Regt up. This is not the time.

Deepest concerns and respects to all those concerned.
Swift recovery lads
Heard some G2 about an incident last week near KAF. Believe they are all in Selly Oak or somewhere similar.
An update

Serviceman injured in Afghan explosion
03 November 2008 10:26
A Norfolk airman is in intensive care in a British hospital after he was involved in an explosion while serving in Afghanistan.

Senior Aircraftman Craig ---------, 22, was on a routine patrol with two others in Kandahar when their vehicle, a military Wmik Land Rover was blown up by either a land mine or roadside bomb.

The two other airmen, who have not been named, were also injured and have been flown back to a military hospital the UK.

SAC --------------, a member of RAF Honington's 1 Squadron, which is on a sixth-month tour of duty in Afghanistan, had been due back to his Dereham home next week for a week's leave.

His family, some of whom have been taken to the hospital to be with him, are rooting for him as he undergoes a series of major operations.

A statement from his family, who live in ---------, said last night: “Craig ----------- was involved on Monday night, while doing a routine patrol, in an explosion. At present we are not sure if it was a roadside bomb or a land mine.

“But on Wednesday he flew back to Birmingham Selly Oak Military Hospital where he is in intensive care and undergoing major surgery.”

His family described him as “one of the nicest men you could every want to know”.

All his family, including his brothers and sisters, , are all wishing him well and willing him to get better.

The avid Tottenham Supporter asked how his favourite team had done when he woke up from one of the operations, his step-mum Vicky said last night.
He excelled at athletics and always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather, who was in the RAF.
His aim, when he leaves the RAF, is to become a firefighter like his father Mark, station officer at Dereham retained fire station, and uncle Neil, a full-time firefighter, Vicky added.

Craig has a girlfriend, Danni, who he has been with for more than three years.

RAF Honington's 1 Squadron is in Afghanistan on a six-month tour of duty providing vital protection to Nato forces. They had flown out to Kandahar in mid-August.

The squadron had only been back in Britain barely 12 months from its last deployment at Basra in Iraq, which saw the loss of four comrades.

It was selected as the outstanding RAF Regiment field squadron of 2007.
Serviceman injured in Afghan explosion
jaybee2786 said:
WMIK blown up 3 very badly wounded rocks , no news of any fatalities.

One man trapped under WMIK in cupola, another has lost a leg.
As it seems to be quite a problem, vehicles rolling or turning over in a blast, why is it not possible to put a roll bar over the gunner on a WMIK to protect them in case of a roll? Attach it to the ring so that it turns with the weapon and doesn't hamper the vision of the gunner. Just seems like a logical thing to do, although always easier said than done. I wish the Rocks a fast recovery.

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