RAF Regiment Reserves Fitness test

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by 01aanderson, Sep 12, 2013.

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  1. I am considering signing up for RAF Regiment Reserves. Have been looking online for information on the selection fitness test for the reserves but cant find anything consistant about what exactly is expected of you or is it just exactly the same as PGSC. Would be great to hear from someone who has actually passed it recently.

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  3. Who dat?
  4. What the **** are you doing asking on an army forum about Barrier Princess's? Try the rockape's own one!
  5. The_Duke

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    They have an entry test, but the nearest thing the army has for comparison is "potted sports" on a Wednesday afternoon.

    Have a look on the various RAF propaganda sites or ask the unit you wish to join.
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  6. `Wah shield ....up!`

    Do you not know ANYTHING about this site? Have you done ANY research via the Search Function?

    If the answer to the above is `No`, then my friend, I should don your tin foil hat, lie under a strong table in the foetal position, draw your knees as far up to your chest as you can, lower your head and kiss your Arrse goodbye.

    After that, nip over to RockNet, the Headquarters of the RAF Regiment Network • Index page, where your question will be answered, hopefully, to your satisfaction.

    `Wah shield....down!`
  7. you have to be able to run to the front of the queue here


    then carry all the ice cream outside.
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  8. Army cadets do impression of RAF Regt Fitness test.

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  9. Barrier up, barrier down.........simple
  10. Don't listen to this tawdry collection of Stackers, Stabs, Walts, has-beens and ACF Instructors.

    The internet is wonderful, but may I suggest you just contact the unit you wish to join? By phone?

    It's not that difficult. Much like the entry test no doubt.
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  11. Never have I been so insulted! I sir am a Regular soldier, no civi would have put the effort I have in to "googling" a suitable picture for this forum or have taken the extended time to try a write so much joined-up writing as I have, it took me at least 30 seconds of effort between a brew. So next time read between the lines!
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  12. I never doubted you for a second Ned.

    Although its joined-up RULER writing, surely? ;o)
  13. .
    So you just phone the unit you wish to join direct? The SAS must get loads of phone calls then - "Er Hullo ... it's dat der SAS? Yeah I wanna join and nat ... Hullo? ... Hullo? ... The f*ckers hung up".

  14. Telephone contacts for each RAF Reserves unit are on the website. It's not difficult, even for someone as feckless and idle as me.
  15. Don't do it mate, you'll never survive the five miler of death.

    But seriously, gentlemen, disappointed at the lack of rips this post has attracted.

    Big 3, yo!

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