Could somebody explain a couple of things to a simpleton such as myself:

1.   Why can't RAF Rapier do the same things as Army Rapier i.e. deploy self sufficiently, protect a manoeouvre arm etc.

2.  With such a small number of systems why doesn't the RAF give up its airfield defence task to the Army(and its systems). Surely this seems to be a more efficient way of doing things, because the Army can take on both roles?

Any Cloud Punchers like to comment?
Chargebag, I totally agree with you. What is the point of Rockapes having this kit, indeed, whatis the point of Rockapes?

We have seen illustrious regiments merge or hang up their spurs in recent years, whilst these pointless individuals run around in'gucci' kit defending an airfield. Perhaps they lacked the b@lls to go into a proper service. Why not let the TA Dropshorts do their defence, I mean the likelyhood of crabs being bombed on their own turf is somewhat minimal.

Help the defence budget - disband the RAF Regiment. We could teach them NBC. ;D
I have tried RAF Regt baiting in nearly every post I have made so it is always nice to hear from a man after my own heart!
Ash Plant, thank you for your views.  I have to say that the acme of all stupidity was the removal of an RAF Regiment Sqn from Akrotiri which left the Army to guard the place.  Airfield defence hmmmmmmm. Oh and apparantley RAF Air Defenders get the higher pay band for being Infantry yet never do that role.  I'm sure there is an Army AD regt in Cyprus now as the UNFICYP Bn, I bet they are not getting any extra dosh!

I get the feeling that you have first hand knowledge of the breed! :'(
Harry Hesh - sorry I meant to include you in my last reply as well.  I can't understand why the Central Staff beancounters don't do as you say and disband the lot! RAF - Fly Aeroplanes, Navy - Boats, Army - Kill the  Queen's Enemys.  Simple Equation.  mmm NBC there's an uneasy relationship at Honington I'm sure.
      I hear you loud and clear. I have worked with the RAFs “Special Forces” and have also done the UNFICYP role, I've been to the Falklands where they defend the outpost. I have done all of these with my gunner soldiers who I hasten to add, as you said, did it on the lower pay band and I would argue to a higher standard (but I would say that).

I think there is a role for the RAF Regt and that is nothing more than airfield defence in an infantry role.
As an NBC nazi, I have spent time training on NBC matters and it pains me to say it (their phrase not mine) been accepted into the NBC Community. As a member of the “community” I thus feel qualified to comment. The RAF Regt are good at NBC and practice A LOT! They have little else to do. So if they are not happy with their lot, of being airfield defenders, let them play NBC recce as well. They enjoy it and it is about as wary as they should get. That guccci kit wouldn’t look as good if it got too dirty.

What about giving all he Rapier to them and let them change their role to work within the mobile battle groups or take it all away and give it to the Army. One or the other. At least the Army could train down to look after airfields as they do already. It would also be cheeper the Gunner get paid less for a more difficult role. Thats got to keep the MOD happy.
Grumblin - You are a man who should perhaps go to work in the Central Staffs, I too see no technical reason for doing AD under one Service or the other.  My badly elucidated (!) original point was that given their static role and tiny number of systems how can the RAF Regiment survive as such a limited and low volume contributor?  Wouldn't the RAF be better using the £1 Bn it cost for their platforms to try and train and retain aircrew?  Or indeed offer a fighting service that works 7 days a week and after 1630 hrs on a weekday?

I suspect greater minds than ours know the answer.  

p.s. its not going to be good for any career aspirations you may have to admit to the NBC thing.  Unless you are thinking of transferring to the First of Track.  (who were a fine armoured regiment in their day).
I have to say that Grumblin' has hit the nail on the head.  A standalone Air Defence Corps is what we really need.  It seems to work in every other NATO Army.  We in the Gunners don't want them, the RAF don't want them either.  Get rid of the fat wheezy boys with the note from Matron and give them their own identity.  Are there any Air Defence RHA regeiments?  No.  I rest my case.
Fat Wheezy boys !  That's not very nice Yellow. I suspect the boys in 21 and 20 Btys might disagree with you(although I know at least one Fat & Wheezy IG).  I seem to remember that 6 RHA were about to be raised before Options as an RHA HVM regiment but they scrapped some Field Regiments instead (turning one of them into a Flak organisation).

Do you not think however that as high Intensity warfare becomes less of a priority guns become less sustainable - especially in light of the ever dwindling RAC?

Whoever has the role it would be nice to see proper funding and an operational focus.  

                  Can you help me with my next Duncan Essay  “I like the cut of your jib”  

Short, sharp and pointless. A man after my own heart  ;D
Grumblin' my spies tell me that you are being somewhat disengenuous with regard to the Duncan Essay and that after only modest guidance your Magnum Opus was actually sent forth as best of breed.  Or did a recently posted officer write yours as well? ??? ??? ??? ???
I believe only one Duncan Essay was written by the said, recently departed and sadly missed young weasel. And the deliver has also been posted (no connection) I also think it is never a good idea to blow your own trumpet when it comes to the dunken essaye. Or even let anybody know you have a trumpet. Besides I feel my little ditty (that took rather a long time to write for something so inconsequential) may have stumbled forward on the “lets seem to be fair and put a comprehensive skool effort forward so the decent ones look better” idea.

It took two efforts just to get my name looking smart on the front cover only to be told it needs to be removed for submission. DOH!

Oxford seemed to have a problem with allowing thickies in. I don’t think the Army should worry, we’re already here. Tee Hee.
Alternatively just come up with a smart logo for the front cover and everything behind that can be utter B*lls.  Comprehensive skool is by no means a bar to the committed Air Defender but watch out if you go close support they are all very class conscious.  Just look at the arrse talked about ball buttons.  Me I love Phoenix!

:-/ :-/
Are they those smart looking lawnmower thingies? Jolly noisy up close I would expect.

     Have already once removed several sets of rather elegant ball buttons from my uniforms including what is now a somewhat overused blues jacket (extras used to be conducted in blues) due to a bit of misinformation from Manning Counter Measures and those officer recruiting fellows. Probably shouldn’t have squashed them with a hammer in a fit of rage on YOs (buttons not MCM). I’m told the brass ones are tricky to come by now. Could have used the money to pay off some of my mess bill. Possibly bought a new stylish tie. Ahh what luck the regiment has provided me with one. Splendid

                                                     This week I mostly be looking like a shmuck!

You do have to look out for those Comprehensive Skoowlies, they get everywhere; even into places you wouldn't expect.  I suspect they have a plan to infiltrate the prolitariate and undermine the system from within.  
What the RAF? Or Gunner Officers (an oxymoron in itself).

You'll be telling me soon that we are going to have to recruit from the North of England! ;D ;D ;D
I’m all for recruiting from are brethren up North (said with poor attempt at a northern accent).
(Returning to rather posh sounding surrey based accent)
We need to maintain a decent class system it the outbreak of war is imminent.

Recruitment from the North of England?  Of course.  Not only does it provide the forces with steely eyed dealers of death, but it also keeps the more class conscious folk in touch with reality.

I visited the North once.  It wasn't that bad, they had electricity, TV and everything!  (Would you believe it)

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