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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Hicks, Nov 29, 2006.

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  1. Should have one of these soon after christmas (awaiting a date). Can anybody tell me what i can expect. What they are looking for and i may have to do and to what level.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. PROAC is that like PROZAC?

    Try e-goat for answers on RAF matters.
  3. It took me a while to work out 'Potential RAF Regiment Officers Acquaintance Course'.
    Is this where the AMEX Gold Card is issued? Or the baseball hat?
    Frankly, take the Terrier's advice before it gets nasty in here.
  4. That would be PRROAC or even PRAFROAC, unless it's just Potential Regiment Officer's Acquaintance Course?
  5. I would have thought that you'd want to ensure that your fitness was up to speed and that you knew the roles of the RAF Regt and its part in the RAF. Someone who knows about these things recommends 'The Royal Air Force Handbook - The Defintive MoD Guide (ISBN 1-85753-384-4).

    Fitness will be important, a document that I've seen recently compares the RAF Regt, Infantry and RM annual fitness tests. Although there doesn't seem to be much between them, the RAF Regt one is harder (further, faster, etc), except for rope regains that only the RM undertakes.
  6. Obviously a member of the QGR.

    Post again when the effects of the ganja have worn off!
  7. fcuk me! Wonders never cease. I expect it's something to do with perimeters.
    Such seriousness reminds me - I'd better do some work.
  8. Its harder than many would like to admit.
    Regular infantry training at 24 weeks aside from the guards who then go onto their specific public duties paraphernalia. Raf Regiment regular gunner training is now 29 weeks and only a couple less than the Royal Marines. the guards require additional training to get them ready for Public duties but then again, RAF REGT go on to train in public duties with QCS AFTER the initial 29 weeks. 2 sqn, the parachute squadron also goes on to do their additional training also taking them well over the 29 weeks.
    All told, depite the cynical views of the Regt on here, the training is simply more arduous than that of the regular army but less arduous than the Paras (unless you go on to 2 Sqn then it is definately comparable).
    The Royal Marines are still way out front in terms of training but a few things need to be considered about the RAF Regt.

    1. They ARE very well trained indeed to perform a wider variety of tasks than the average infantry soldier.
    2. Their training is not utilised in the real world, so in effect they are a blunt weapon that really does have enormous capability.
    3.The fact that a mere RAF unit could be better than any in the army hurts, and hurts bad, hence the hate on here.
    4. Im ex Regt and would not consider us to be elite, but would put 2 sqn up there and do think we are better than most army units. No offence but ive seen some really gash, i mean REALLY gash.
    5. Its ridiculous to suggest that highly trained men would not perform well under stress, we are all paid to deliver and all of us do, all of us.

    So, go , join the RAF Regt, you are allowed to think for yourself, allowed to contribute and allowed to enjoy the life, but when the whistle blows, be prepared to do your job!

  9. And...... SLEEP !
  10. Does a whistle blow mean somebody's at the main gate then ?
  11. ha ha ha ha ha ha
    just watch warzone on channel 5 to see what raf reg get upto
  12. Chapter one, 'Correct Operation of the Main Gate Barrier' is a real page turner. :roll:

    Doing them in a Guccied WIMIK, gives the Crabs a bit of an advantage though. :twisted:
  13. Fcuk me, how long were you in for 2 mins?
  15. CIC is 26 weeks: http://www.army.mod.uk/training_education/training/10320.aspx

    Big claim. Care to qualify that?

    again big claim, no evidence and quickly contradicted by a quick scan of who actually does what on deployment

    nothing to do with the big timing 'big three' bollo then?
    none taken. so have i, including the 'elite' 2 sqn.
    well done, have a biscuit
    I encountered RAFR twice during my service and was seriously underwhelmed. since then I've encountered some ex rocks in private sector work who were excellent and I've assumed I was just unlucky first time round. Seriously though, coming on here with this innacurately researched, evidence-free 'no offence but we're better than you' cack isn't going to improve anyone's opinion of you.