raf regiment or paras?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by kieran, Sep 9, 2005.

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  1. hello im 21 and have decided its time to stop pissing about in life a get somthing proud going for myself im keen to do somthing in the forces for my 20s and and then see how i feel about the rest of my life after that.i have narrowed it down to either the paras or the raf regiment.Im leaning towards the paras because of the respect they have and to be a part and wear that red beret would make me 100% full with pride for the rest of my life but have recently found out about the raf regiment who have a field sqaudron with para capability(excuse spelling and no disrespect intended to paras by comparing i know your elite and how rightfully proud you are or chaps in the raf regiment equally im not saying your shit and are not good soldiers)i was wondering if anyone who is in the know or has experience of either one could give me a bit more insight into the difference in physical training and what each ones roles are i have visited the raf careers office and got all the booklets on the raf regiment but maybe i could find out some more here.

    sorry if its not very clear or raf questions arent welcome here but i wanted some insight from chaps who are doing it or have done it.my only doubt about getting into the paras is the physical training side of it ive heard its hardcore and the raf regiment might be more for me.

    right now i do this five days a week i could at least double each one at least pretty easily with bit more effort.

    200 push ups a day
    300 sit ups a day
    100 tricep dips
    30 minute run in the morning

    6ft 2 and 12 stone

    let me know how far off i am or if i need to do a lot more for regiment or paras.

    sorry if i went on bit any help would be great.

    thanks for your time
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  4. I don't' think you're training hard enough, have you considered the QARANC?
  5. how many right handed bicep curls u doing a day thats what you should be concentrating on.
  6. Sh*t Kieran, You're Para material!! But can you take the drink? Can you get up and go for a run with full combat kit after an all-nighter? Do you mind getting a bit messy? Can you take the most inane orders without question? Do yourself a favour and join the Para TA first. It will do you a lot of good when you join the regulars. :)
  7. Christ! It's like an online dating agency application that post!
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  9. Stinks of wind up to me. :lol: :lol:
  10. It's a windup. Has to be. Even potential RAF regiment recruits cannot be this dull.
  11. yes i can do all that im not a ******* nun i didnt think i would need to include that in my post of course i will train harder if i decide to join thats just what i do to stay in half decent shape theres no need for the im a big bad prick brigade i was polite i dont need to come on saying im tough i can handle this i can handle that.i might join the para ta though that is a good idea any more grown ups have any advice.or if you want me to put it this way oi you ******* lot i can down 20 pints and still get a hardon and run 300 miles now give me some ******* advice or ill kill you.
  12. Ok Kieran, I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Basically, you want to be an Infantryman, which is fine, and as infantry units go, the Parachute Regiment has a lot going for it.
    However, the RAF Regt. are not "proper" soldiers. If you cant make it as a Para, which is nothing to be ashamed of, go for another Army infantry regiment. You dont neeed a funny coloured beret to be a top soldier and proud of it.
  13. thank you for your advice.
  14. 'Appreciate your angst Kieran. But I know from humble experience the "Para Way." I know a few schoolmates who went into the RAF Regt but it was always thought to be second best. Nowadays with all services working together more closely, and with more civvy trainers I think that there is very little difference between them but TRADITION. There is a real HONOUR to wear the cherry beret. It commands respect and is held in awe. To earn it is every aspiring para's dream. When you receive it you fight to keep it. Good luck in your mission.
  15. The RAF Regiment are great, they have very difficult decissions to make on a daily basis - Clockwise or anti-clockwise around the fence line?

    I found it very amusing to bump in to someone from my RCB who had decided to join the RAF Regt. On being asked why, he spent a long time explaining that it had nothing to do with him failing the RCB!!!

    Wake up to reality - forget the RAF Regt.