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I'm looking at joining the army or possibly the RAF Regiment as an officer.

Can anyone offer any insight into the main differences, and what the raf regiment is like?

bsucdp said:
I'm looking at joining the army or possibly the RAF Regiment as an officer.

Can anyone offer any insight into the main differences, and what the raf regiment is like?

RAF Regt???? CRAP full stop even the rest of the RAF don't think much of them.

RAF Regt Wiki Entry.
The RAF Reg are a complete bunch of Knobbers , everybody knows it as well . Dont bother unless you want to ''bigtime'' it about Basra airport in a cut down wimic landrover with all your gay gucci kit on .
I will let some others do the slagging and "we are better than them" stuff, just a few points.
First, with in the RAF, the "mainstream" of the officers who go up to big things, promotions wise, are the General Duties Branch, and that mate means the Pilots and Navigators, (WSOfficers in modern designation) So that means you are joining a supporting arm of the RAF, therefore you are going to be although very wary and responsible, only able to get promoted so high or so far before the glass ceiling kicks in as a RAF Regt Officer.
Second, the RAF Regt is getting smaller, they have recently lost their Rapier Squadrons, they did anti aircraft defence for the RAF, so now they are just down to Field Squadrons, which do some very good work, but are light troops as they have no armour or heavy weaponary beyond WMK Landies and Mortars; but have recently been doing good works in the sand box, still remains that they are being reduced in size, therefore more comptetion for few jobs etc. Granted promotions are not the be all and end all, but promotion means better pay, and better pay means you have more to take home to pay for the mortgage and keep the mrs happy and pay for the kids cwazy mobile phone bills etc.... may not mean much to you now, but when you have to pay huge bills.... more money coming in is a good thing!
Army is of course having cuts, but the army is huge compared to the RAF Regt so more opportunities and as long as you go to a Combat Arm, well i am presuming you are interested in the Infantry, there is no real glass ceiling, its just down to your ability.
Either which way, do a lot of research, talk to the recruiting officers and go on visits and see where you would be happiest and all that. Nothing wrong with the RAF Regt, contrary to what a lot of slagging they get here, but might not be everyone's cup of tea as it is some times side lined. What ever your choices, Good Luck
very helpful, thanks.

You said about promotion prospects- which regiment in the army has the best chances of promotion to a high rank?

I'm not sure that any Regiment or Corps is predisposed to faster promotion prospects, but to paraphrase a quote, the field marshal's baton lies higher in a soldier's bergen when he's a member of a teeth arm.
just bear in mind that they won't even consider you for Raf Regt if you're not the best in your officer training intake, and now it's getting smaller its going to get even harder to get in.
If you only want to pretend to be a soldier then join the RAF regt
If you want to be better but only do it in your spare time then join the stabs
or if you want it full on join the Army and do it for real, not poncing around a secure airport looking like Andy Mcnab - all the gear but no idea.

kck kck
be the best
To be honest some of them are good blokes and have a grown up attitude about what they do and what their limitations are, they also realise they cannot equate to the Infantry in most arenas. That said, they are very good in their own specialisation and certainly should not have lost Rapier. At the end of the day they do a good job defending airfields and that takes some of the heat off us. In answer to your question on who to join...the Infantry if you want to be part of the bigger picture and the RAF Regt if you want to be in a limited job.
RAF Regt have patrolled alongside the Inf many times. The Fawr Peninsula was patrolled by RM, RAF Regt & someone else during Telic 1. For a more balanced view, suggest you ask the RAF Regt as opposed to the Army. Try a careers office. However, your question about looking for a regt where you get rapid promotion makes me wonder if you've really thought about this Military Officer thing properly. I dunno whether those currently at the top of the respective trees wanted to be there from minute one, but the good blokes (IMHO) seem to be the ones who are surprised about their promotion.
Just look to be good at what you do. If they likes you, they'll promote you.
Technically speaking, the GD branch is all RAF officers of wg cdr rank or above; the 'old' GD branch is now named the 'Flying' branch. The Rocks senior man is an Air Cmdre and the branch seems to hold undue influence in the RAF in my opinion. However, they're a fairly good bunch.

Where did you hear that rubbish?!!!!! I know many individuals who have gone Regt after being chopped from other branches, or who have struggled at Cranwell.

Generally, I'd agree with most posters here, if you want to do soldier stuff, join the RM or Army. But I wouldn't get too excited about reaching general rank yet. Ambition is a good thing in sensible moderation. I'd suggest that joining either the RM or most Army regts offers more than enough opportunity for a full and satisfying career. But take one step at a time. I suspect that if you walked into an RCB or AIB saying you want to be CGS or Cmdt RM, they'll think you're a bit arrogant.
Best of luck in whatever service you choose.
Lord, I'm posting after the Mush again!

I think you need to ask yourself whether a) you want to join the RAF or another service, or b) whether you want to be Light Inf or not. If the answer to a) is RAF, then go for Regt; otherwise, talk to people in the Army or RM. Neither option is particularly easy, and certainly doesn't guarantee rapid promotion. To be honest (IMO), if you want glory, money and an everlasting pension fund, the services mightn't be your bag - try civ management schemes and sell your soul. You're unlikely to be a good officer in any service/trade if your heart isn't in what you do and who you work with 110%.
Magic Mushroom,

A Cpl in the Regt who lives in my town was talking to me about it, I was looking into joining (until I decided I want to be in my local Army Regt) and he said that it was now more difficult to get in, as did a F/Sgt and a Sgt from the AFCO.


Book Reviewer
You are well to think ahead, but I would advise against considering an Arm or Branch on the basis of the best high-level promotion prospects! go for something you will enjoy, and into which you will put 100% effort. Don't worry about getting beyond 1* for a few years yet :)
....slag'em off as much as you like, but them RAF boyos look after each other (and not only in the sticky grot-bag-sense of the word either).

Forget all the Promotion nonsense...you'll wish you never joined after a year or two anyway!

Ps: many thanks to the.......erm.... 'liberal' two can rule at the RAF APOD bar by the way ;-P
clownbasher said:
bsucdp said:
very helpful, thanks.

You said about promotion prospects- which regiment in the army has the best chances of promotion to a high rank?

Royal Green Jackets, if you believe the hype
The days of the "Black Mafia" are gone, disparu my dear. As indeed are Jackets of the calibre of Hackett et al...

If you want to be a LTC or above, then join either RE, RA or Royal Sigs. The statistics are on your side, more command jobs, more staff jobs and the same access to the E2 jobs as everyone else...if you are going to play the lottery then buy a lot of tickets!
Join the infantry. The girls will all fancy you. Well they all fancy me anyway.

Whe I was still a lowly Highlander (of course there is no such thing) of about 20 yrs old, I had a conversation with a cnut in a pub who claimed to be RAF regiment or one of the "Big Three" elites as he put it.

"The Big Three?" asked a rather confused Lairdx

"You know... The Big Three. The Royal Marines, The Paras and the RAF Regiment"

I mugged him and two of his colleagues to prove what a load of sh1te he was talking. Lairdx had a good night out at their expense and hopefully they learned the valuable lesson not to allow their mate to open his mouth in public.
I once met a guy who had done RCB, AIB (for the RN), POC (for the RM) and OASC (for the RAF). Well it once made a dull train journey a bit more interesting.

This was one year after he graduated from uni with a solid degree, yet he didnt have to immediately sell his soul to one service or another. He actually only held a part time job at that time and was testing the water so-to-speak. And had passed the selections.

My point is, why not shop around? I once thought I wanted to be an Army officer, but now I am applied for the dark-blue side of military life. I have experience in the green (well part time only) and a little in the light-blue (as a cadet I concede, but four years and a lot of chances to go to RAF stations gave me a fairish idea of possible jobs and the people you'll come across). So get involved in the TA, RNR, RMR or whatever the RAF have as a reserve force. Or the OTC, URNU or Uni Air Sqns. Or if youre younger even the cadets of the various services may be enough to give you an insight into what that service would be like. A few levels removed at the cadet stage I admit but its better than randomly picking, or falling victim to the recruiting blurb!!

Go to a few different selections, RCB and OASC for you I'd suggest, but dont rule out the RM & RN, its all about seeing what you like, whether you'll fit in with the job and the type of lads they get, and you cant really do that without some contact with the service in question. Or at least go and see the various recruiters and see what happens there... Its as much about you sizing them up as it is they sizing you up!

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