RAF Regiment demonstrate tactical floating

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sunnoficarus, Oct 16, 2012.

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  1. Probably all that hot air...
  2. At least they have served you dull cunt
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  3. Thats a no legs plank, been doing it down at lympschwitz since Jimmy saville was a nod

    He's probably being groomed for a stab at SB selection, just needs to improve his breath holding
  4. Not sure, but I think he has been in, and there is no call for that sort of language.
  5. It's the Naafi bar FFS.
  6. Surely if he was following Royal drills, he would have blatted off 3 rounds and be moving to another position whilst in mid leap for cover.
    Standard innit!
    Did Jimmy ever do Santa in the Sgts Mess at Lympstonia? Heaven forbid.
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  7. Please accept my apologies you dull cunt
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  8. There are some cracking photies there.
    I particularly like this one:

  9. Someone eaten your last pot noodle? Don't get upset, phone the Padre, or go to the vendees.
  10. Silver service, or just fronting for the burger flippers at The Golden Arches?

    Since they're rockapes, my money's on sunnoficarus having the 'served' edge.
    Stonkernote: To sunnoficarus. Don't get too carried away: I've got a 14 yr old son in the Air Cadets. If he doesn't quit through boredom in the next 12 months, I will hold his infantry expertise to be on a par with that of the average Rockape JNCO.
  11. Don't be too harsh on the lad, as I'm sure he's doing his best. :)
  12. Hey, don't knock the Royal Stagging On Regiment.

    They are the premier ground based fighting force in the RAF after the civvies who guard their barracks.
  13. What else do they fucking do???
  14. We're still waiting to find out - anyone know of any Harrier spares?

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