RAF Regiment conducts first joint patrols in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Feb 4, 2011.

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  2. Well done Gus and your boys - tour interval of just over a year.
  3. I take it the ANA were the OMLT to the RAF.
  4. I'm sure they were - couldn't have the RAF going more than a few K's from an airbase could we?
  5. Well, they've done more patrols in Afghanistan than I have so hats off to them.
  6. **** me I want to know who it was I was patrolling with last year then!

    Shifty, old American kit and liked boys, I'm sure they were ANA.
  7. Nah, RAF Reg.
  8. Absolutely. Hats off. I was trying to .........oh what's the point. Gus Powell knows what I'm on about.
  9. Bloody hell lads, feel the love! Don't let the others hear of this! ;-)
  10. Fnaar fnaar.
  11. Who was mentoring who?

    RAF Regt teaching the ANA how to look ally on the way to the EFI or the ANA teaching the RAF Regt low level, offensive, dismounted combat? Either way, well on the road to transition!

    Sorry too easy!
  12. Prick aren't you? Does the RAF regiment KIA thread below not mean anything to you ?
  13. Don't be so sensitive dickless, no one made any mention or attempted to make light of the RAF Regt KIAs, it's called banter, you might have heard of it.
  14. Bore off kinsellam you low-morale entanglement.

    By the way, is that bloke you tried to 'out' as a walt still banging the girl you were stalking?
  15. FFS! If there really was a God, you'd have fallen face first into a woodchipper by now. Your ******* posts give me tinnitus you whiny civvy ****.