RAF Regiment, career progression, potential transfer to Army.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Blue_Banana, Feb 2, 2012.

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  1. If you failed AOSB twice what do you think you now have changed which would give you the potential to become a platoon commander in the infantry? Why did you fail, if you don't mind me asking.
  2. My bold. I have lost count of the number of muppets who washed out of our Flying Training system in the mid-90s who moved on to pastures greener - some of whom I have bumped into around the purple bazaars, and are SO1s now....................
  3. Why not join as a Tom and then with go for an RCB or is that out because of his previous performances? Just an option or does this modern day Harry Flashman VC consider that joining the ranks with us lower desks scum beneath him?
  4. Not entirely sure why; after all, anyone can put on a front for a few days at RCB (or AIB / OASC!!) and suprising numbers of people do. When you then proceed to courses with minimal "wash-out" rates then you can hide in the herd and before you know it you are marching off a drill square and onto a serve-till-38 pensionable engagement and guaranteed SO2 (particularly in the Army, and to a lesser extent certain parts of the Navy & Air Force).

    What I am not going to do (and what I think you're angling at) is enter a "RCB is harder than AIB or OASC" willy-wave. Having worked with products of all 3 over the last 20yrs, there is much-of-a-muchness between them.
  5. The simple answer to your question is that inter-service transfers are possible. I have seen an RAF officer transfer to the Army and I've worked with an Army Sgt who transferred from the RN. However as Blokeonabike rightly says, the Army is downsizing and Infantry officers particularly are being shown the door. Why not consider enlistment rather than a commission? There are loads of blokes in the Infantry with degrees who join as Privates and quite enjoy themselves. You can always apply for a DE commission from the ranks if you wish.

    There is also the commitment issue to consider. If you really want to be in the Infantry, then join the Infantry. The RAF Regiment are the RAF's ground defence force. It's a specialised role and you won't get involved in the full range of activity that the Infantry can offer.

    I once met a Cpl in PWRR whose main claim to fame was being able to nail his cock to a table. He had a hole made from his banjo string through his Jap's eye for an Albert ring. He widened the hole himself so that he could put a nail through it and then was able to impress his mates by nailing his cock to the table. He told me that a number of his mates were so impressed that they had the same piercing work done in order to bring a competetive edge to the activity. I suspect there is no such hilarity in the RAF Regiment.
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  6. Arte,

    Can I use that phrase please? I think there's people around my neck of the woods who deserve it!


    Inter-Service transfers are doable but certainly not guaranteed. And try eGoat - there's even a link to it at the top of this very page. If you can't find it, you're clearly shit at nav and should definately join the RAF.
  7. CND, if you cannot see that someone who has at least passed the entrance exam before failing on the course ought to be at least a little bit better than someone who never even got in the door, I worry for you!

    You specifically referenced a flying course. I know very little about such things but I assume there are many reasons that one might fail a flying course that have little to do with ones generic potential as an Officer and that such individuals who did fail the course had, at least, passed the basic officer entry test, possibly even done very well on it, but were simply not cut out to be pilots.

    On the other hand, failing an initial officer entry assessment is an indicator of generic, rather than trade specific, character flaws.

    Now, without any willy waving, it is logically fair to say that an individual who has failed basic officer entry assessment in any of the three services so badly that he is no longer welcome back to try again and yet secures an officer entry into one of the other services, is an indicator of different entry standards.
  8. Much as I hate to defend crabs, I have just had a look at the following site and they appear to have a fairly respectable number of battle honours.

    RAF Regiment History -  Overview

    Not a bad read.
  9. A little history lesson given the anniversary that is soon approaching. Two ex RAF Regt officers were in II Para during the battle of Goose Green. One was killed and the other was a company commander and very well respected by his troops.
  10. Right, without getting too deeply into the RAF Regt vs Army debate, I do know of one officer who transferred from the RAF Regt into the army. He was not selected to join the combat arms (infantry or otherwise). I also know of one infantry officer who apparently (recently) transferred over to the RAF Regt after being pretty much kicked out of his own regiment (so I'm told anyway). Of the 20 or so RAF Regt officers I have met over the years, the majority had apparently failed to get into Sandhurst or had failed to become RAF pilots and had thus ended up in the RAF Regt.

    So, to the OP: firstly, if you do join the RAF Regt after failing AOSB, you won't be the only one. Secondly, while the move from RAF Regt to Army is (or was) possible, given how competitive selection as an infantry officer is at the moment and the redundancies hitting the army/infantry at the moment, few RAF Regt officers (judging by my experience) would compete for a space in the infantry (that frankly does not exist anyway).

    If you have failed your AOSB but still want to join the infantry (or wider army) as an officer, you are best of either re-taking it (if permitted) or joining as a soldier and demonstrating sufficient leadership potential to be put forward by your chain of command for reconsideration by the AOSB. If I were you, I would petition to retake the AOSB (particularly if a long time has elapsed since your last attempt).
  11. Phil Neame was also ex RAF Regt, OC D Company, II Para during the Falklands war.
  12. I never said that any of the officers killed were RAF Regiment, g0bsh1te.
  13. Yes that is what I said, and your point is?
  14. cpunk

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    I'm puzzled why this thread turned into such a twat-o-thon. Basic courtesy on the Officer Recruiting Board demands that we are reasonably indulgent towards innocent naivete. I've got stuff to do now but will be back to hand out infractions.