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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by jaybee2786, May 13, 2009.

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  1. panthers
    After Modifications, Panther Set for Afghan Duty
    By andrew chuter
    Published: 13 May 2009 07:39
    LONDON - A new command and liaison vehicle has been declared operational with British troops in Afghanistan but only following a string of modifications to bring the platform up to the required theatre entry standard.

    The Panther, built by Iveco Defence of Italy and fitted out by BAE Systems at its armored vehicle plant in Newcastle, has been extensively customized with more than a dozen changes to meet the requirements of current operations.

    Among the significant modifications is the installation of a revised Bowman communications system, which allows the British to make room for a fourth crew member on the vehicle for its envisaged role in Afghanistan.

    All the vehicles originally ordered by the British in 2003 were destined to be fitted with a full General Dynamics UK Bowman voice and data suite to meet the command and liaison role. That reduced expected crew numbers from four to three.

    Now, however, a slimmed down Bowman system has been installed to meet the changing role requirements of the British forces in Afghanistan.

    BAE said in a statement that the Panther had been modified to a "four–seat configuration with the Bowman digital communication system installed between the two rear seats."

    The full command and liaison version of the Panther will continue to carry the larger communications fit and the reduced crew of three.

    The MoD was unable to respond questions about the new austere Bowman fit.

    Other modifications on Panther include provision of a rear view camera for improved situational awareness, a protected engine compartment, theatre-specific electronic devices to counter improvised explosive devices, larger roof hatches and a new rear cargo pod.

    The first vehicles in theatre will be used by the Royal Air Force Regiment and the Army's Close Support Logistics Regiment.

    Panther entered service with the British in June 2008s but this is the first time the vehicle has been deployed operationally. The vehicle has though been tested in Afghanistan and Oman.

    BAE secured the order for 401 Panthers in 2003. Delivery of the last of those vehicles from the Newcastle factory of the company's Global Combat Systems business unit is expected in September.

    Panther will replace a range of vehicles including some roles undertaken by the tracked CVR(T) reconnaissance platform, the FV430 tracked carrier and the Land Rover medium utility truck.

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  2. So it says it was tested in Afghanistan, but now has been deployed for the first time Operationally....in Afghanistan?? So i take by saying that it was driven around the perimeter fence of BASTION a few times? :roll:
  3. and will be for many years to come, the only thing the RAF regt can do!
  4. We have 4 of them expensive paperweights! The comms fit is another fudge as well.
  5. I was there in Bastion when it was tested- Out to Range Charlie, 800 rds rapid from the remote weapons platform and back in for lunch!

    Well tested then! Guess thats why it is going to the above units first.

    I've heard on on the job training but not on the job testing, sounds kind of foolish.
  6. FFS it was made by BAE so it won't work or won't be very reliable..............serpantine belt! 8O
  7. Hahahah! Stop it, my sides are hurting. No, they really are. LOL etc.

    I want to know where we're recruiting the Oompalumpahs from to crew them. More importantly, do the fag lighters work?
  8. On the bright side the flash to bang time for a lash-up has come down quite a lot. A bit. Possibly.

    At least it's beaten FRES onto the field...
  9. Quads.
    That rediculous little ice cream van thing that's just been ordered.
    Now we have Panther!

    Whilst I am not suggesting that my own Service should necessarily be held up as a Pantheon of procurement, could someone explain to this non specialist crustacean the thinking behind such apparently incoherent vehicle procurement? :?

  10. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Panic buying?
    Throwing money at a problem like they always do so the Goverment can claim they have invested £millions in protection systems regardless whether they work or not
  11. The cigarette lighters will be disabled. It is important that operators of the vehicles can work in a safe, non-hazardous environment...
  12. TVM TBS, I was afraid somebody would say that!