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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by IrishG, Sep 24, 2012.

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  1. I sent my application off 2 weeks ago and still have not heard anything back yet, does it usually take this long i dont wanna phone them incase they think im an impatient ball buster.
  2. Great post, thanks, as I usually say "stand by for many pages of anti RAF Regt slagging off" in the mean time you could contact oh I don't know RAF CIO?
  3. Strong in this one is the Force Of Wind Up.
  4. eGoat. Or whatever their forum is called.
  5. They're too busy writing up the citations for the Bastion malarkey at the moment.
    Have faith and much patience, without even knowing you I can sense you'll do well in your chosen career.
  6. It might take a while, I'm led to believe they're all on retraining for base defensive duties.
  7. I bet you made the mistake of NOT using a large green crayon when filling in the application? Using other than a crayon usually throws the RAF CIO as they assume the applicant is literate and therefore the application is a wind-up.
  8. Wah shields engaged...

    Read the small print...anything upto 3 months for a reply. Mine took about 8 weeks if I remember correctly, and then bloody ages for them to get copies of my Army records from Glasgow.

    Wah shield disengaged.
  9. TOP TIP: don't venture into the RAF careers office around dinner time. The fat RAF wallah will only show interest if you come bearing gift's of food