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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by BPJD91, Sep 30, 2012.

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  1. Hi.

    I have my aptitude test for the RAF Regiment on Thursday, I've been doing the practice test and it seems to be very easy. I was just wondering how many questions I have to get right on the actual test and how similar it is to the practice test?

    Also, I was wondering what the best way to prepare myself physically is, I try and get to the gym most days before and after work and do a lot on the treadmill and a lot of body weight training (maybe go on the sunbeds for a bit!) Is there a particulat program that would help me with the PGSC?

    When I was 16, I passed selection for the Marines but due to personal reasons I withdrew at the last minute and I just fancies something different. A lot of my family are serving soldiers, army mostly and they advised me to go RAF Reg as they say it's a better standard of living.

    How will RAF Reg selection differ/compare to that I did for the Royal Marines?

    Thanks guys. Any rely will be appreciated.
  2. ref the test, I never did the practice test, but saw it afterwards and I thought the real test was a fair bit harder. During the test it feels impossible, but it's not that bad actually.
    When I did the test (applicants for all branches of the RAF were there), out of 10 of us, 5 passed.
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  3. Don't move a muscle... (races off for a bag of popcorn & a beverage)
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  4. Cheers mate. I thought it might have been. I think it's just the maths that throws me.

  5. Please God no. It's like the re-appearance of a sunken wreck at low tide. It just never seems to completely go away......
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  6. ISTR that the Maths section required the lowest score to pass for regt.
    But I'm abandoning thread before it gets too bad
  7. This mean that I'm going to get ripped into for wanting to join the RAF Reg? An well, nevermind. I'm sure for every few insults there will be a bit of advice ha.
  8. Try asking in here somewhere; E-Goat :: The Totally Unofficial Royal Air Force Rumour Network forums - E-Goat Home . I hope your prepared it will be a minimum of twice as hard as any entry tests you have done before! :clown:

    Best post your findings after you have been through, in case the hordes of other people looking for advice on joining the RAF think of looking on an army type website.

    If its not a wah, I'll eat my hat.
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  9. Cheers mate.

    I posted here as it seems to be the most well established services forum. I wanted advice off genuine service men. I thought that the other forums might all have their own and not neccasirily the correct advice to give me. sorry to offend if I have
  10. Bless, you've got feel sorry for them.
  11. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    No, no there will mainly just be insults.
  12. And baseless acusations of homosexuality.

    You big hermer.
  13. Hi all.

    Im thinking about joining the RAF Regt and so I thought the best place to ask about it would be the Army Rumour Service.

    I thought I would make a reference to the Royal Marines at the same time just so you know I am serious.

    In fact I'm so serious that I got though months at Lympstone and binned it for mysterious reasons,but am now worries about some noddy "practical test" at Honington.

    Thanks for all the sensible replies and I promise I'm not a bored ARRSE member out for a mega obvious bite.


    Brand new sock puppet xxx
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  14. H3

    H3 LE

    Your first choice at 16 was the Correct choice !
  15. That has to be a record, a thread about the regiment has been on ARRSE for 1 hour and has not yet turned into a slagging match!!!!