RAF reg stage recontruction of basra action on return to UK

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by thegimp, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. WTF
    Am I missing out on something here, or does thing just seem a bit strange to me?


    Its a video link entitled military heroes honoured and appear to be on local bbc news

    RAF reg acting out Bara "action" for the folk of RAF wittering amidst much moke and explosions and picking up their gongs

    I know PR is a good thing BUT.............................
    Thoughts please

    hope the link works
  2. Does this mean that HMS Cornwall will be doing the same thing on its return.......
  3. Slightly odd but it got them some positive news coverage.
  4. Re-enacting? They'll be using airsoft next, that way Walting comes :crazy:
  5. Were they 're-enacting' actual firefights from their tour?

  6. I must have missed the Samsonite relay and the pencil dropping challenge on that vid clip.

    However, the RAF Regiment Short Range Desert Group did stag on in the sandpit at the kiddies play park (but weren't allowed out past the fence) :D

    Stands by for in comming
  7. Legends in their own minds. And they wonder why they get so much abuse from the other services?
  8. cnuts that lot of'em.

    wmic'd to fck and nothing to do all day
  9. If you want to be an infantryman, why not join the Army?

    They should stag on in Cyprus to relieve proper infantry Bns.
  10. I saw one of these amazing super soldiers with a very inventive T-shirt on.
    It said

    "The Soldier in front is a RAF GUNNER"

  11. These fellas are proper special! I had a discussion with one at BAS who told me that they are an elite regt!
  12. known as the PX Platoon in my day.

    blue Gatorade everwhere!..the horror, the horror! :D
  13. Lets be real about this. They put on a demo for the families during medals day? Be honest who here has not had to do a similar performance for some visiting bigwig? We all do it at some point, or is it just a bit of jealousy because the crabs get some TV time and we didn't?
  14. Ord_Sgt

    Ord_Sgt RIP

    I think its more because they are a bunch of walts who actually believe their own hype. It's been done before on here somewhere.