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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by RafReg411, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. Just a quick one, can anyone specifically describe this Raf Pre Para course with distances and timings etc?

    I'm thinking of a format along the lines of wikipedia's desription of P Coy

    The 8 Tests

    10 miler
    A 10-mile (16 km) march conducted as a squad over undulating terrain. Each candidate carries a 35 lb (16 kg) bergen (not including water) and a rifle. The march is currently to be completed in under 1 hour 50 minutes (TA candidates have 2 hours).

    A unique assault course set 60 feet (18 m) above the ground, designed to test a candidate's ability to both overcome fear and follow simple orders at considerable height. This is the only event which is a straight pass or fail; all the other events are scored. The total score required to pass is known only to the P Coy staff.

    Log Race
    A team event, in which eight men carry a log (a telegraph pole) weighing 60 kg over 1.9 miles (3.1 km) of undulating terrain. Candidates wear a helmet and webbing. This is supposed to be one of the hardest events.

    2 Mile March
    An individual effort over 2 miles (3.2 km) of undulating terrain, carrying a 35 lb (16 kg) bergen (not including water), rifle, combat jacket, and helmet. Regular candidates have 18 minutes, TA candidates have 19 minutes to complete the run.

    A 1.8-mile (2.9 km) cross-country run, followed by an assault course. Candidates are under a time limit to complete the event.Time limit is 19 mins after that you lose a point every 30 seconds

    In this event, each candidate is paired with another of similar weight and build, and is given 60 seconds to demonstrate 'controlled physical aggression' in a milling contest - similar to boxing, except neither winning, losing, nor skill are pre-requisites of passing. Candidates are instead scored on their determination, while blocking and dodging result in points deducted. Candidates now wear head protection and gum shields as well as boxing gloves.

    20 Mile Endurance March
    A 20-mile (32 km) squadded march over diverse types of terrain. Candidates carry a 35 lb (16 kg) bergen (not including water) and a rifle. The march must be completed in under 4 hours and 30 minutes. TA candidates do not participate in this event, due to their reduced opportunity to prepare for the course.

    Stretcher Race
    Candidates are divided into teams of 16 men, and have to carry a 175 lb (79 kg) stretcher over a distance of 5 miles (8.0 km), each individual candidate wearing a helmet, webbing and a slung rifle. No more than four candidates carry the stretcher at any given time, swapping round at regular intervals so that all candidates carry the stretcher for a certain distance.

    Many thanks in advance
  2. I would hazard a guess and say RAF Regt Para selection would be on the whole pretty gay and nancyboyish.
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  3. well a few people, mainly army, have made the same utterances as yourself, however, digging a bit deeper I spoke to some paras and a couple of marines who said they did it as some kind of exchange or something, I'm not too sure of the exact details. The two paras failed and the marine passed but said it was as hard, but in a different kind of way, as his commando course. Unfortunately they could only give me the general scope of what the course entailed and were unable to furnish me with exact timings however the paras said it was very similar to P Coy but with a few sightly different elements. They thought having smashed out P Coy they would breeze it. But that wasnt the case.

    I also read on a few websites and maybe even on this forum, although I've looked at so much information on the net in the last few days that I cant be sure it was this forum, that Raf Reg Pre Para was originally based on P Coy, then P Coy had a very high (unacceptably so) attrition rate, and were forced, although reluctantly, to lower the standards slightly, and increase the length of the course, or was it increase the amount of rest days or something along those lines, in order that the pass rate was raised slightly. Only a slight reduction in standards, and obviously it is a balls out course still to this day.

    However, the Paras then went to inspect the Raf Pre Para and found that, actually, they hadnt deviated from the original course at all, and had much less rest time inbetween activity days and little things of this nature, meaning the course was slightly harder (at that time) than P Coy. The inspecting paras obviously went back and ramped P Coy back up to where it is now, very hard, but were impressed by the standards that they observed at the Raf.

    Ive had this confirmed by a few people, anyone else know anything about it?

    All of this said, I'm still unable to find timings and distances, so if anyone could help I would be extremely grateful.

    When I was at Lymphstone back in the day I was addicted to stats, times, distances, it made me neurotic, but helped me monitor myself and my progress, and I knew, before I even attempted any of the real tests, that I could do them on a good day, well the measurable ones anyway. Would be nice to know for the pre para.

    Many thanks in advance guys, I like this forum alot, always get good answers and useful comments
  4. Absolute ******* bollocks. I've been in the Paras for 22 years and have never known anyone in any Para battalion that has or would contemplate doing the RAF Para selection course. And why would Marines do it? You are talking shit you nonce.

    Id also add anyone failing such a course it would soon become common knowledge throughout the 4 battalions.
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  5. Eloquently put. I believe, you are indeed, a para. However my friend, all of what I have written is true. Wasn't trying to offend ANYONE, just wanted some advice/opinions about the pre para course. If you cant offer any, please feel free to stop 'contributing' to this thread.
  6. "nonce". Haha, excellent, good work.
  7. So tell me. Where did you get this info out of these Paras and Marines? Even if a Para did fail the said course I'm sure he wouldn't admit it to you. You must have also talked to quite a lot of Paras (let's say 1000 or more) to find two who had not only done this poxy course but had also failed it! It beggars belief! You are talking shite.
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  8. hahahahahhaahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  9. Don't think they do milling or the trinasium on the RAF Pre-Para, some kind of assault course instead but happy to be proved wrong. There was a thread on this subject a few years back.....use the search function.

    I tend to agree with Fally......your dits shyte
  10. You'd be better off asking this question on e-goat, there's a much greater chance of getting a meaninful answer...but just in case you're too busy to do that I can offer the following insight: The RAF Regt operate a SNCO exchange program with both the RM and Para Reg, the RM is not required to do the RAF course as he doesn't go to their para-roled Sqn however I've met a couple of lads who did do the course and both said it was appropriately challenging, 3 weeks, plenty of battle PT, kitted runs and a week hill phase finishing on the Fan Dance, I've never heard of a Bootie who didn't complete it (as opposed to pass as they were guests not students). The Para also is not required to do it (as he's a Bloody Para!) but again I met 2 who did it as guests (Geo B***e and Jeff E***s if you know them Fally) and they said it was a good challenging course in line with P-Coy, further to that I know of 3 Inf lads who did the course as beat up for Pathfinder selection (as they'd been away on Ops and missed pukka beat ups) all of whom said it was very good physical prep. That's my input for what it's worth and before the inevitable aspersions are cast on my offering I met these former Pre-para students when I was briefly seconded as staff of the Defence Training Review which, incidentally, rated the RAF course as exceptional in terms of it aims, format, content & conduct (we didn't rate it's level of challenge) .
  11. Cheers into, yeah same kind of thing with me, the marines i spoke to were senior to me but in my unit, and the paras i know were from aldershot, and i live in a village called farnham just 3 miles up the road so got to know them that way but dont know too much about their operational history etc. Ive heard real horror stories of people just thinking they would piss it, and totally misunderstanding the course, and failing, this is why I am quite keen to find out the times and distances. At the moment Im just doing my own version of P Coy and circuits and boxing and the usual old bollox, but would be much happier in my own mind if i had some actual times and distances to aim for. I like to mentally check things off the list as I complete them, stops me from spazing out completely, Im 33 now. So if anyone does know then Id be very grateful.
    I did quickly use the search function, but all i found were approximations, "i think i remember doing a ten miler in about this time" etc, so if anyone knows any more, please paste a link. Many thanks chaps.
  12. Why don't you just aim for P Coy times then? You seem a little thick if I must say so.
  13. I'm out!

    But did the Full Monty too, & also have Never heard of any Para Regt bloke doing the RAF Regt Nancy Boys Course.
    Had they have, it would have been seen as a 'Swan'

    Every RAF Station that I've spent time on, was very cushty.

    Lovely scoff, Nice rooms, Unpissed Mattresses & hot RAF Fanny gagging for some ABC!

    What more could you ask for......
  14. "You seem a little thick if I must say so". Not even a properly structured sentence 'thicky'. Well done you, your mother must be so proud.
    And, you ******* insufferable bellend, the whole point of the post was to find out EXACTLY, what the timings and distances were, not to follow those of a similar course. Is that simple enough for you mate?
    As I said, feel free to withdraw at any time.
  15. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    There's a vid on Youtube

    YouTube - 2 Squadron RAF Regiment

    I wouldn't have thought if you are already winged you wouldn't have to do it again

    I know that 2 Sqn lads going on to exchange with 5 Bde as it was used to have to do P Coy but if IRC that was about actually earning the beret but whether they have to do that now when you get it for being posted in I don't know

    Historically the original members of 2 Sqn did Army P Coy but the problem was getting slots so they ran it in house supposedly along the same lines so there shouldn't be much difference in timings etc

    Bob on Rocknet or E goat they'll tell you better than here
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