RAF reg, Marines or Paras ..which to join

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Leeroy, Nov 29, 2005.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I have just turned 25 and considering applying for the RAF regiment or Royal marines as an officer.

    I would like to know what makes people join the RAF regiment over the marines or paras and vice versa. Please also include your experience and any advice you could give me.

    Many of the resources I have looked at seem to be very general and all glossed over. I would really appreciate some first hand experience.

    Thanks in advance
  2. being weak at PT????
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  3. A sudden interest in RM all of a sudden? Wonder why?
  4. Depends what type of bloke you are...
    In spite of what they might say, there`s no real difference between Para Reg and RM officers, but it takes a special kind of man to organise the stag list for an airfield :p

    Seriously, if you like being cold & wet, go RM.
    If you like Colchester, Go Paras.
    But if you like pies and computers, Royal Signals might be right up your street :wink:
  5. I have also heard a lot about Raf Reg recently, but have no idea what their selection process is. Any RAF Reg out there? I know this is the army rumour service, but I would be interested in what it entails.

    (Not for joining though, just interest!)

    In response to the original post, a lot can be found out from the navy marines website and army parachute reg websites. The test weeks are the main points they show. (So an idea of final fitness etc. can be roughly compared from them)
  6. Ooh 4got to mention, RAF food is MUCH better than Army, that may be a reason for joining the RAF over Para/Marine...
  7. If you want to REMF it to the max and go on regular Op stag tours to Basra Airfield the RAF Regt is the way forward. Although as a rupert you wont stag on. They are supposed to assault airfields etc etc. But do you really believe they would let the Crabs do that when the Para's are generally more up to the task. I seen a few rock apes in BATUS and they are horrendously shit. & i mean shocking!!!

    If your that way inclined mate its all about the PARA Regt or the Marines. Both good at what they do. & both full of very busy bunnies! Happy hunting!
  8. Whatever you want, it's all there for the taking....

    Don't be going on who's beret you look the hardest in either....read up on them, talk to the careers officers for the respcetive units and pick whats best for you...
  9. Unidentified: I have sent you a PM
  10. Paras or marines mate both good at there ''stuff'' as for RAF reg read arrse .
  11. Why of why do people continue to compare the RAF Regt to the Regiments of the british Army or the RM. It pains me.

    If you want to guard RAF stations Home and abroad (Basrah) for the rest of your career, and get a massive chip on your shoulder because you need to convince everyone that the RAF Regt are as effective as any Inf Bn then join the RAF Regt. If you do, don't come back here and wind flash up or get him any where near the subject of that other fine RAF institution - the RAFP it will keep him going for days.

    Wake up, smell the coffee. Do your research. By all means look at the Paras and the RM but don't discount the other fine Inf Regt and of course the other corps (especially the RAC)
  12. Selection process for RAF Regt Officers....a good scrape round the bottom of the barrel ought to do it.
  13. Tankie is right there , Civvies think of only the paras and the marines yes they are great at there job but the army is a big company . I am in recce within the RAC that is a tough job but because paras and marines get all the press civvies dont know about it . There are many outstanding INF regiments (green jackets, LI ,to name but a few) that have a good rep within military circles , as do a lot of the tank units , just do your research and keep away from the RAF reg .
  14. Recce, is your tree incident going to make it on to your Avatar?
  15. good idea i will have a go