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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by scarletto, Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. Im wondering were i can get RAF Squadron Logs and records for the 1940s from, i know you can get Army war diaries from the national archives, just wondering were you can the equivalant records from?
  2. National Archives are the place.

    AIR 27 for the operational record books themselves (on microfilm mainly)
    AIR 16 for Fighter Command files (things such as tactics and battle orders)
    AIR 15 for Coastal Command files
    AIR 14 for Bomber Command

    NA search page may be helpful?

    Also, the RAF Museum archive section (you need to make an appointment to visit) and the Air Historical Branch (ditto re: appointment) may have useful material depending upon how much depth you want to research to. Anything you're after in particular?
  3. Yes,just realised im a mong,as i was looking in wrong part of national archives. Im after the squadron diarys for battle of britain time, just got some stuff about it and wanted to do further research.

    Cheers for above
  4. The Air Historical Branch at RAF Bentley Priory will have all the bumpf mate. Its near Stanmore, contact them soon as I think they'll be moving as BP is being sold off!!! See u/m link.

  5. Cheers Soprano, should have known you would know :)