RAF recognised as top lesbian, gay and bisexual employer

Ministry of Defence said:
The Royal Air Force has for the first time attained prestigious recognition by renowned charity Stonewall as a 'Top 100' employer for lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people in Britain.



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Oh dear. Did this really, really, come from the Official MOD site?

Indeed it did.

Let the mockery commence..............
Too bloody easy sometimes.
It was a close run thing, the Paras had more homosexuals, but just lost out on the lesbian side.

They did however win the transsexual cup (officer division).
Is it in the top 100 of anything else?
I fear a navy backlash (ooh missus)!
FFS. Joking aside, why is the MoD giving this prominence? I can only imagine it's because they are discriminating.
And to think that LGB once upon a time stood for Laser Guided Bomb amongst the sideways walking fraternity...

Tad unnecessary, however, dear Defence Press Office, to call Stonewall a "renowned charity". A "well organised and very vocal special interest lobbying group whom everyone is too afraid to criticise these days" might have been a bit fairer.
Is this that wonderful and fair thinking pressure group that has in no way shape or form ever attempted to blackmail this website into banning certain elements of speech?


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Will the RAF be changing their uniforms now to reflect this change in 'status'.

Army & Navy Standfast, pink pilots, fall out!
not kidding, i went on a daft course eons ago and3 out of the 5 matellows on it were stuck up each other
Now that is boggling my mind...two out of five or four out of five...yes. How did it work vis a vis the odd number of orifices/implements? Actually don't answer, we'll pretend this never happened. it is dishonest of us you are right. however it will be better for all of us in the long term. Here, have some clown porn as a compensatory gesture.

RAF Nicosia, prior to handing over to the UN, in the 70's had a couple of very friendly crabs. One was called Dick and the other was called Shag. Turooo.

They got caught because their mates were suspicious that they always left the bar early. The SIB did a intelligent and professional piece of investigatory work by taking pics through a gap in the curtains. Their punishment - because the RAF wasn't so tolerant back then -? They got split up, one remained on detachment at Nic and t'other got sent all the way back to Akrotiri.
I have to admit that i'm a Lesbian too................i only like women....oh wait hang on that makes me heterosexual.
Oh well i still like to munch on the odd muff or 2 of an evening;-)
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