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Anyone know how I can find out opening days/time of the cemetery at RAF Odiham and the easiest way to locate a grave without bothering the family - do they have staff there as with civilian cemeteries?

I've tried calling their switchboard but they don't seem to have any idea. Any advice appreciated.
Erudite as ever Mr H!! :roll:

Dear Ms Sweetheart,
Sorry about the operator! Regrettably - like all service units these days - you'd have been forwarded to some low paid spotty oik in a London MoD call centre who probably couldn't spell 'RAF' let alone tell you the opening times of Odiham's cemetary!

I've never been stationed at Odiham although I've visited it a few times, so I can't be of much help I'm afraid. However, try the Stn's Chaplaincy Dept or the Community Relations Officer on the following links:


http://www.rafodiham.co.uk/community relations/cco.htm

If the links don't work, either google 'RAF Odiham' or use the links on the RAF Website. Community Relations is clearly marked on Odiham's site, and the god botherers page can be found under Stn Organisation, Admin Wg.

Good luck!

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