RAF protecting Camp Bastion

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Jun 25, 2012.

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  2. RAF airfield Police police RAF airfield… Gripping stuff.
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  3. And this is news?
  4. In the same way that announcing a truck driver had driven a truck is news.
  5. It may be to some!
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  6. 2 month tour..... no bad!
  7. Will they be patrolling clockwise or anti-clockwise?
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  8. Depends which way the NAFFI is
  9. Never a dull moment in the modern RAF.
  10. It's not the Service that my grandfather dedicated 39 years of his life to.
  11. It's a shame you all take the piss out of the Per Ardua lot. They'll be the last out once we've handed over all our AFVs to the ANA because we can't afford to fly them all home.

    Place your bets. 2015 - we'll see the Taliban driving about in nice new Mastiffs on another mission to behead the vendors of popular Pashtun musicals.
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  12. Stop being sarcastic HM!
  13. It is the lowest form of wit... ;-)

  14. Nah, we likethe Afghans so much, we're leaving them all the Vectors and Snatch's

    Our war legacy to Afghans: £1bn of military vehicles will be given to national army when British troops pull out | Mail Online
  15. 2 months into the tour...not a 2 month tour.