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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by lucky21, Apr 15, 2013.

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  1. Hi, im currently an applicant with the Army, waiting for a start date for basic training.

    I passed selection about a year ago with my first job choice being RMP. My recruiter initially told me I would start basic last September, then November, then definitely January of this year and then told me it would be June of this year.

    Having spoken to my local AFCO last week, I was advised that my original recruiter had left. My new recruiter has told me that I didnt score highly enough at selection for the RMP to be a realistic goal. I have my 2nd and 3rd job choices with the Army to consider, but my recruiter has suggested that as its the policing side im particularly interested in, then it may be worth looking at the RAF police as they're currently recruiting.

    The RAF website doesnt have much info on the job role, wage structures etc. So I was just wondering if anyone here has any first hand experience of the job?

    All the info google seems to come back with, is that the general consensus is that the RAF Police are mainly barrier operators who get paid less than their Army and Naval counterparts.

    Any info would be muh appreciated.

  2. My Dad was RAFP during his National Service, and I have an elder brother who was RAF Regiment. Difficult to figure-out which was the most unpopular on their respective Stations. Why not try CivPol?
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  3. you cruel man you.......
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  4. You've got to have a thick skin to get on in the RAF Police.

    Wirey hair and fangs also helps.
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  5. Fixed it for you
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  6. Sixty

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  7. The RAF Police do get paid less than RMP on entry, as they are ranked SAC Acting Cpl. A RMP JNCO enters as a substantive L/Cpl, an SAC is a Pte equivalent, so less pay. Don't know what Navy Regulators get so won't comment.

    The RAF Police used to do control of entry on RAF Stations in the UK - until 2005, where, as with everyone else in defence, the RAF got MPGS to do it. It is true they provide the Bastion security Squadron in Afghanistan, and run control of entry there so yes, barrier technician jokes can be applied. However, the RAF Police do the role of some 4 Army corps for the RAF (RMP, Int Corps for security and CI, R SIGNALS for computer security, Pet Corps for Dog Handlers) so there is more variety. There is not a single role in the RMP that doesn't have an equivalent in the RAF Police, the same is not true in reverse.

    However if you didn't score highly enough for RMP you are unlikely enough to be able to turn that around for RAF Police. Also, your googling that came up with barrier operators, must have failed to find the official recruiting web page, where 'barrier operators' is not mentioned at all.
  8. If he turned up at all he would be over qualified for RAF police. The roles may be more varied, but competence in anything other than being the biggest cock on a station is all thats guaranteed.

    Also, can you expand on what "pet corps" is?

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  9. Where inteligent german shepherds sign up and get issued with a RAF Policeman.
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  10. Try NCP car parks, you'll receive a lot more respect and you'll also get more job satisfaction and better pay, terms and conditions.

    You also won't have the embarrassment of being partnered up with a fluffy land shark, which everyone will agree is smarter looking, nicer to be around and more intelligent than you.
  11. Did you mean to say 'nothing' other than being the biggest cock on station is all thats guaranteed?

    Anyway, as to Pet Corps, do you know an army corps whose main effort is to handle dogs? This might give you a clue.
  12. The question was, do you, hence asking what Pet Corps was.

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  13. The reasons cited for why I didnt score highly enough for the RMP, was that my run time wasnt good enough,and in the words of the interviewing officer, " you looked like a fat **** running and I didnt think you were going to finish."

    Well I finished the run and did it in 11.05 which scored me 2marks of an A pass.

    This was this time last year, in the mean time ive dropped a further stone and a half and got my run down to just over ten minutes.

    Iv got past experience of working in security and for civpol, so im used to people thinking im a ****. And I am a bit of a **** to be fair, just debating whether to look into being a **** with a barrier and a dog.
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  14. Nice one mate. Certainly, the addition of a dog AND barrier would lend itself to higher levels of cuntness.

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