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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by CRmeansCeilingReached, Oct 12, 2005.

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  1. If anybody has any funny stories about our highly talented and respected RAF Police colleagues, you may wish to come and join in the (latest count) 65 page slagging they have received at this link. All contributions welcome - and if you can add fuel to the fire, you will be well received! Sure anyone who has worked in a Sy Sect or with P&SS in the past will have some tale of laughable incompetence...?

    There are even 3 or 4 biting RAF coppers who come on to tell us how professional they are, and how they never ever man barriers :)


    Likely to be one of the longest threads ever on arrse... so come join the party ;)
  2. No thanks. They put too many barriers in your way.
  3. you stalking me biscuits? get back in there and keep those snowdrops honest :)
  4. Nothing much against them, although I do recall the way they dressed in Cyprus for a 'covert' job - grey slacks, blazer and RAF tie. Their finest hour (for me at least) was when I read the surveillance report of some t*t in Berlin whose task had been to find, follow and report on the off-duty activities of RAF personnel. This guy went to 'Mon Cherie' (a popular spot for refreshments of an evening), and in the name of keeping his 'cover' intact, partook not only of the watery delights but actually took one of the ladies to her boudoir. And then he wrote it all up in PoliceSpeak and claimed for his expenses.

    I think it was not so long after that when a mob of these heroes tipped up at the same establishment to root out stray crabs, stick them in the cells at Gatow and lecture them on the evils etc. They found their OC, a visiting senior UKCIVPOL copper, the top snowdrop fellow from Rheindahlen plus a few other senior crab hangers-on at the tables nearest the bath. Laugh? My false moustache nearly fell off.
  5. I've not had many dealings with them so I've refrained from posting on that thread, hilarious bunfight though it is.

    As I think I posted the last time the RAFP popped up in this forum, I've a bezzer and another mate who are both ex-RAFP. They are extremely nice blokes and very switched on; I can only take as I find. Saying that, the pair of them have no front or illusions about what the RAFP is or what they did in it.

  6. Thats probably why they are 'ex' RAFP. They were the only realists in the organisation, ever......
  7. Whiskeybreath, can you paste that in the linked forum too? :) don't want to divide our efforts here!
  8. Do they have a nasty habit of hanging round gates?
  9. My only real experience of the illustrious blue meanies was during an exercise at RAF Hullavington in the mid-80's. Staggering home from the pub, I decided (foolishly) to scale the chain link fence at the far side of the airfield. I can remember the glee on the face of the Snowdrop who released the 120 Lb German Shepherd on to my arse end. Oh how we all laughed, as I was taken to RAF Wroughton to get my hoop stitched back on. Oh well, I learned my lesson, even if I only have one working buttock now!
  10. Yes. I often comment that a Ministry of Defence Police posting would have suited them better.

  11. That's why they join the RAF(P).........it's the MOD PLOD resettlement course.

    I wonder of any of them join the BTP by mistake................'Mind the Gap!'
  12. ^ Actually, Biscuits, a lot of civvy coppers hold the BTP in quite high regard. It's not their fault they're spread so thinly, and I wouldn't want to do their job. The BTP is being reviewed by the Govt and might be disbanded to save money.

  13. Longest and thinnest beat in the country so I hear.
  14. Although I am not a serving police officer (or even an ex-one for that matter), I have the privilege of working with a seconded Detective Sgt from the BTP in a law enforcement agency. He is a first-rate individual, who is an expert on both general policing (he easily has as much London-policing experience as your average Met Police/City Police officer), and who is also very, very clued up on organised immigration crime. The BTP perform a difficult and, at times, extremely dangerous job with scant resources. For the government to disband them now would be an act of almost criminal (no pun intended) folly, especially in light of recent events. BTP officers are as professional as they come and extraordinarily good value for money (much like the British Army). And their DCC has far more leadership ability than that buffoon the Met Commissioner.
  15. Can I just thank History_Man for his eminently sensible and sober input.

    There has been far too much levity around here and it ought to be stamped out immediately. :roll: