RAF plans huge cuts in planes and bases

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Skynet, Nov 14, 2009.

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  1. From The Sunday Times
    November 15, 2009
    RAF plans huge cuts in planes and bases
    Michael Smith

    Air Force chiefs are preparing to cut 10,000 staff — a quarter of their manpower — and close up to five large air bases.

    The plans will reduce the RAF’s strength to 31,000 personnel over the next five years, little more than half the level during the recent Iraq conflict and seriously diminishing its capability of fighting another conventional war.

    It also intends to retire the majority of its Harrier and Tornado jets early, leaving it with about 80 fewer aircraft by 2025. The cuts are part of a package prepared for the 2010 annual spending round.

    They are designed to pre-empt the savage cuts expected as part of the strategic defence review promised by whichever party wins power in next year’s general election.

    MoD cost-cutting led to deaths of 14 servicemen
    Britain's fighter jet fleet cut by a third
    A senior RAF officer said the plans were designed to save “significant amounts of money, measured in billions of pounds a year” rather than having them forced on the service by the review.

    The RAF has 19 flying bases in the UK, but the reduction in aircraft means up to five are expected to be closed and sold over the next decade.
    RAF plans huge cuts in planes and bases
  3. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Cyclops should be shot.

    A few other areas he may want to consider cutting first,

    Foreign aid

    Welfare payments to single mothers

    Welfare payments to immigrants

    Welfare payments to the workshy

    MPs pay and allowances

    the EU

    The ballooning public sector non-jobs industry

    I imagine a few other Labour sacred cows lurk out there somewhere ready for the chop..
  4. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

  5. Le_addeur_noir

    Le_addeur_noir On ROPs

    Yes alright,pressures of work,etc.

    I subsequently browsed this thread,but no all of it by any means.