RAF pilots relive crash landing

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Feb 23, 2005.

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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/4288383.stm

    good drills guys. Apparently the emergency landing caused minimal damage to the aircraft, with only an empty fuel tank sustaing some bumps and scratches.

  2. And who says the RAF can't fly? I'm suprised at how apparantly modest the pilot's being, but at Flight Lieutenant maybe he hasn't been flying long enough to develop a planet sized ego yet!
  3. 165mph? FCUK!
  4. So I was bigging myself up to an Ex RN Harrier pilot.....

    When I had told him about all the cool and dangerous things I'd done he gave me a wry smile and said:

    "Yes, that reminds me of the time I ejected from my Harrier at 20 feet"


    I got my coat.
  5. Upside down? :D
  6. Respect to the flying but the fact that they are called Pete and Kev just about sums things up for me.
  7. My father landed a jet in similar circumstances at Khormaksar, Aden in the 50s, having first disposed of his ordnance (he was on ops) over the sea. He recalls that after landing he returned to the Sqn building, to find the other pilots sitting outside holding up ice-skating stylee score cards. His log book records the incident with 'returned to aerodrome and landed safely.' This was the same man who wouldn't let me have a motorbike!

    Good skills the Tornado boys.
  8. What he didn't tell you was he had to because he missed the runway and was about to hit the sea!

    I won't deny that RN pilots are good BUT:

    1) They all seem to think they're better than the RAF
    2) They're insane for flying a single-engined plane with the aerodynamics of a breeze-block so if we have poo-fan interface it drops like a stone (this applies to RAF harrier pilots)
    3) They're bitter as they never get to break the sound-barrier

    RAF fast jet pilots may be arrogant tossers but they know they're stuff and are the best low flyers in the world.

  9. This may be true but put some weight on their backs and ask them for a game of tabbing they just don't want to know.

    I sh*t em.
  10. True, but I'm sure they'd get a similar response from you if they offered to let you fly at 600 knots deep into enemy territory with everyone shooting anything they can at you, and if you did have to bang out you're almost certain to get killed by the enemy if you're lucky, captured and banged up and abused if you're not. I never said they could do anything else!
  11. We were giving the Harrier bods scores on the doors at Larrbruch when we were doing reliability trials for Rapier FSC. Things were fine to start with but when the scores started dropping we were asked to 'cease and desist'. Very easily deflated egos! :lol:
  12. However good they MAY be in the air, they still have not shot a plane down for about 50 years (since Korea to be exact).
  13. "The measure of a man is in his ability to carry heavy things a long way in the dark when it's raining. Preferably when these things are plastic and filled with concrete for "realism", all other attributes are secondary"

    I forget who said this - probably the Duke of Wellington or perhaps Nelson Mandela.

    I rest my case.
  14. It doesn't say what, exactly that measure is though, does it? To me that measure is having a few screws loose!

    Apologies to any infanteers.
  15. I had an uncle bang out of a Lightning in foreign parts.

    Not sure of the circumstances , and not sure I want to pry too deeply , as I was told a similar story by another Pilot, who said the reason bandied about that an ejection took place, was the student U/T (A Royal of some description) didn't like the acceleration and pulled the handle. The instructor to save his blushes , rotated and banged. Not sure if it's the same incident though.

    Met a Harrier Jock at Gutersloh some years go who'd been on a lo-lo-lo in sunny Wales.

    Came over a crest at 500+ knots and ran straight into a flock of birds. Time from ejection to smoking hole in ground was estimated by AIB at about 2 seconds 8O

    No thankee very much, and good skills the Tonka crew.