RAF personnel welcomed home

Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by MoD_RSS, Feb 21, 2011.

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  2. Please spare us the propaganda!
  3. So when the army come home and have a parade it's "well done", and rightfully so. But when the air force do the same it's 'propaganda'?

    Grow up.
  4. I expect they were wondering where their aery-planes had gone and surprised to find the airbase was still there?
  5. Nooooo. It has nothing to with which service, arm or regiment etc. it has more to do with facile writing that always accompanies these events. Is it that the priority is not high enough for good research etc to take place, or that the people given the job of doing the writing are very average? I know that hundreds of units have now 'come home', and my truly hearty well done goes to every single person in every single one of those units, but the reports have become so asinine that they are meaningless. They do no justice to the personnel involved and just make the whole thing appear unfairly bland.

    All of these machine produced articles now say, "Some really good people did some some really good things in support of the good fight in a far away land. By the way it was really dangerous, but British pluck and a chin-up attitude saw them through."

    They deserve a whole lot better.

    Hence my earlier comment.
  6. It's how us meedja types are trained to write. PR monkeys try and copy journos' writing styles in the hope that an editor hard pressed for articles to fill his newspaper or radio bulletin will lift it wholesale. These articles really shouldn't be on ARRSE at all, it's completely the wrong audience for PR spam. This sort of thing is supposedly targeted at the casual reader who might come across it while flicking through the local rag.