RAF personnel remember Dambusters leader

Ministry of Defence said:
A memorial was unveiled at Porthleven last week to celebrate the life of Wing Commander Guy Gibson, the Commanding Officer of 617 Squadron during the time of the 'Dambusters Raid'.

Nigel? They killed Nigel? The bastards.
He actually called it Rigger cos it was always pissing on the undercart of his aircraft like his airframe fitter, but he was warned that he could be up in front of a tribunal for comparing a skilled RAF tradesman to a dog and end up paying a fortune out in compensation. Being a guy ( oh that's good) not easily intimidated he told them to **** off, but when the film was made it was decided that insulting RAF airframe tradesmen by retaining the original name of Rigger was asking for trouble so they changed it. Not a lot of people know this.

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