RAF ? Patch id please

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by spotter1, Dec 8, 2007.

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  1. A friend recently found this patch on the Falklands ,,can anyone id which squadron or unit it is,,its also velcro backed....thanks for looking spotter1

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  2. Spotter, I don`t recognise it at all. You may have better luck on the E-Goat site (Arrse communities).
  3. Ok thanks Rockape
  4. Did you find it in the Falklands? I couldn't tell if that's what you meant by 'on' the falklands. Also, the velcro would sugest to me that it's more modern, so probs not from the 1982 period. Could be from a tourist as well. Or FIDF. What makes you think it's an RAF patch?

    Happy hunting!

    T C
  5. deffo not a regt patch !, Not a Guin one that i know of either. As 623 said E-Goat may be your best bet.
  6. Hello,one of my mates was on a job down in the falklands a few months ago when he found this,,Reason i thought may be RAF was someonw suggested it may be from aircrew uniform with having velcro backing....cheers spotter
  7. thought it wasnt a service badge! so the next hunch I had was correct.

    have a look at the logo in the top left corner mate, some walt must have done a trip down south:

    linky: stirling airsoft

    well, very similar anyway to the found badge
  8. Spotter,
    I'm 90% certain it's not at RAF insignia.
  9. Deffo no RAF patch I know of.
    Take a look here:
    WALT Patch
  10. Christ Almighty!

    SRR, SAS and Piratage/PT Corps for good measure!
  11. Thanks for your replys fellas,,ill let the wannabe walt know that he has what appears to be a walts patch..its perfect for him :D .....thanks again everyone.........spotter1

    FAO Admin...ow do i remove the medal next to my name ,,i was only a stab gunner and wasnt entitled to any then and def not now
  12. Read your PMs. You have stated an incorrect fact.