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Raf oik............

Why wasn't he facing an GCM, sentenced to time in Colchester after being stripped of his rank, and then found to be SNLR at the end with no pension
Both him and his missus should have gone down for longer than that. His pension should be pulled too.

Slipperman: Not sure if it was a serious question but RSM is an appointment not a rank. Same rank, but the RSM is the first amongst equals and all that........
He's still going to get it, its sad that there are some ex-forces as guest of HM but maybe in this case he maybe taught the error of his ways frequently and painfully.
But, unrepentantly, as he was led to the cells he turned to an MoD investigator and shouted: 'Are you happy now?'
To which I expect the answer was something along the lines of 'Yes thank you, quite happy now, you thieving piece of excrement' (or words to that effect).


Book Reviewer
Why would anyone buy these tourniquets, could they be used for Erotic asphyxiation? Just asking like...
the bushcraft brigade go mad for them, even though they dont know how to use them properly. same with israeli dressings and quik clot.

someone at the DM as usual doesn't understand what the item is though going by the pic.
Hhhmm, so what would it take to strip the pension? Sounds like he's been reduced to the ranks & dishonourably discharged already but I'd have thought the pension could be hit somehow.
Go and lie down - he's stolen a few quids worth of kit, not murdered the Sovereign, for Christ's sake!
From my time in the RAF, stealing, especially from comrades or medical stuff, is the lowest of the low. I'm having some difficulty in accepting that, at his then rank, he wasn't aware of the consequences of his actions. IMHO he is a f*cking disgrace.

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