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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by Spaztacus, Jun 24, 2013.

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  1. Guys, Gals,If we can dispose with the dirty pongo invasion I would like any advice available to transferring into an RAF commission.I am currently a REME Sgt with a HND, NVQ level 3 and all relevant GCSE qualifications for the non-degree posts. (citation needed)I am currently 28 years old and due to the slow promotion prospects facing the REME i would be very keen to reignite my career.I am still undecided about the career i would look into and would be keen to obtain any advice about the job roles available, especially if there is gaps in recruiting for certain jobs.Also any advice from previous transferees about the process from start to finish would be highly appreciated.Regards
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    FHA LE

    HND engineering? Anyway you can fast track to a degree? If that's the case, then go for engineer officer.
  3. my HND is in Electronics Engineering however engineering officer is not particularly my top choice, however is always an option
  4. Slow promotion? Have you failed your Tiffy's course?
  5. FHA

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    I say bring your experience to the table. Engineer officer is a good number if you go down that route (or was in the 80's and 90's: I imagine it still is.)
  6. @dinger failed/booted off lets not split hairs
  7. Spaz
    I'm no transferee but I can offer the following from the Light Blue perspective:

    Our recruiting pipeline has shrunk hugely since 2010. Word from mates in the training regime is that Cranwell courses of 20-30 aren't unusual, with half of those being Foreign / Commonwealth studes. In that time our UAS system (RAF equivalent of University OTCs) has been continuing to churn out bright and promising prospects "knocking on the door" - in sum, LOTS of applicants for every place.

    If you think promotion is slow in the REME, have a look at the RAF mate. Our blokes & girls at a given rank tend to be 3-5 years older than their Army counterparts. Also, the "automatic promotion to SO2" piece so beloved of the Army just isn't there in most of the RAF; it is, in our engineering and logs branches, but for aircrew and the majority of ground branches it isn't the case. You'll always get the exception to the rule - the 36yr old, blondest & brightest, ex-Typhoon Wg Cdr, but those cases are few & far between.

    Also, have a long think about why you're looking to transfer; OASC will probe this in some depth. I've known a Navy pilot mate who "jumped ship" being grilled on "So why should we take on someone who chooses to bail when they don't like what they are given to do by the RN then?" - I'm sure you know the kind of questioning I mean!!

    Another consideration is that, in so far as I understand it, we make transferees do the whole OASC / IOT path, with few (if any) credits for previous service. That's not something I agree with, it's just the way it is.

    Sorry if the above sounds discouraging mate, I don't mean it to, but I think having a clear idea of the territory ahead won't do you any harm.

    PM me if I can give any further gen or expansion on the above.
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  8. I fully agree and expect the questions you posted chas and dave, my reasoning to transfer can be layed out hopefully as follows. I fully appreciate that RAF promotion appears to essentially be slower but with our current promotion ladder i would not be eligible for the next rank up until my 16 year point leaving me with 6 years to promote to WO2 and beyond, now if theres options to better myself to the benefit of the forces then why should i settle for this. No one can deny that money does not come into this also as well as the longer career that the RAF provides. The training process, sure its a necessary evil and if i cant tolerate the hardships required to further my career then obviously i dont deserve to be there. Is there much i can do at this stage to test my eligibility for branches without declaring myself a turncoat as such
  9. It wasn't a dig.

    I lost what little respect for Tiffys I had when I was on WO CLM and they were bragging about how everyone cheats on the course. Then proceeded to backstab any other tiffy not in earshot.

    You're probably best off out of it.
  10. well lets just say i had an integrity issue on a pft, academically i was fine but it seems glasgow holds a grudge and with the new rules for tiffies requiring 10 years service post tiffy course the window is narrowing, in fact the the blinds are down and the window is shutting
  11. Not true. Other than the professional Branches like Doc & Padre, there is no automatic promotion beyond SO3. All promotion is on merit and competition against the required numbers for that year - and they are not big numbers.

    A few guys have made the transition across, but they have had unblemished track records. Rocking up at a Careers Office with a 'I got booted off a big course for integrity issues' will be a tough one to explain away.
    You don't seem to know what you'd want to do. Given the massive variation in what Branches and Trades do in the Army as well, you know how vague (and desperate) you sound when you ask about roles that might have recruiting gaps.
  12. Well now that ive read that they do accept transferees with a hnd down the engineering officer route I believe this could and should be the path to take, sure mr c hinecap I messed up but im hardly going to tip up to the careers office with my course report. Surely there interest in my previous career could put me at a disadvantage if they delve deep enough, whether they do or not I was hoping previous transferees could help.
  13. They would want to see your Army records - there is no way you could hide that. All Branches of the Forces delve into your previous life reagardless of what you previously did. You don't automatically get a pass because you are in another branch. I'm not saying you couldn't do it - you would just need a very very good reason why you got booted off your Tiffy's course and why they should let you even apply. They would ask 'why not a REME commission?' and 'they wouldn't let me because I got slung from my Tiffy's Cse' isn't going to sell yourself. Just trying to be realistic here.
  14. How do you cheat on a PFT? I can understand how on a CFT, but a PFT? What did the OP do, hide a child's scooter in the bushes halfway round?