RAF Officers?!?!?

I'm in the RAF and just had alook through e-goat for the first time.

It's sh1te. Its tame, boring, and full of ruperts joking about the debauchery they get up to in the officers mess. Quite frankly, it was painful. I was embarressed. People out in the real world could read that and think that all RAF do wear farah slacks, white socks nd drive Stags.

Lots of jokes about the uncultured SACs and junior ranks. God I wish i'd joined the int corps instead!!!!

This isn't an attack on E-Goat, this is an attack on ruperts!!!

I am posting this to apologise to the world; on behalf of and for the Officers of the RAF. The only purpose they really serve is to fly over the bad guys in big shiny targets!
Ruperts are the same throughout all 3 services mate.
they're not that bad - who else would you burden with all of your G1 and debt issues when your a young 17yr old straight out of trg.

Besides they always improve morale of men on drill square as everybloke is confident that they will always look better than the officer who was being ridden naked like a donkey around the mess the night before....

I work with a couple of Flt Lts and they are good guys. Can't comment on all the rest.

Edited to add that I remember when I was a young lad on The Harrier Force, a few of the pilots were fcuking peenarrses
I've served in two units with RAF airmen and officers. Generally they are excellent. From a very young age (or junior commission) they are able to converse and connect with their junior ranks unlike many baby Army ruperts (generally, IMHO). If they have a laugh amongst themselves what's the problem?
Generally, the only problem I ever experienced with the RAF Officer corps was a reluctance to take command when required.

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