RAF officer sues MoD over pay fault - and wins!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by armchair_jihad, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Some good news, contact your lawyers now -
    In full

  2. Watch the MoD go into a flat spin about this one! There'll be all sorts directives from the CoC, especially the fat wasters who were obviousyly dined out and blatently bribed by EDS...

    Private Eye will have a field day!
  3. The down side for this is the payout for the Sqn Ldr's costs will come from the Def Budget I would imagine.

    The fact of the Sqn Ldr's case highlights the discrepancy between the MoD's spin on how good the system is compared to the users impression of the reality. The MoD Media dept will again say this is an isolated case while not acknowledging that there is a problem, read the cases in Soldier magazine for other "isolated" cases and postings on this site.

    Good on the Sqn Ldr just a shame that it has to come to taking the MoD to court to get your pay.
  4. Err, shouldn't is his payout come out of the defence budget then?

    Best of luck to those in a similar situation, I can see the adverts in Soldier Mag now. JPA problems, just call us at A2Z Lawyers, no win no fee.
  5. Good on him! I personally feel the higher echelons have their head stuck in the sand over JPA. Plus, EDS allways knowingly underbid on contracts and the MOD allways goes for the cheapest bidder.

    Excellent news and good on him IMHO!
  6. msr

    msr LE

    Er, just like his salary should?

    If my employer screwed up my wages for 7 months they'd be getting a snottogram from my lawyers.

    "The MoD apologises for this isolated incident caused by an administrative error." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  7. I'm not entirely sure I have a problem with those sorts of ads. If JPA worked then they wouldn't have a business would they? Perhaps a rash of Toms taking their cases to the small claims court would sort the issues out much faster...after all they've had a few years to iron out these "Teething Problems" haven't they?
  8. Save £600 million? Probably out of all that money they are not paying out. These faults shuld be paid for by EDS and the muppets who brought this system in.
  9. If good enough Service Level Agreements (SLAs) have been agreed with EDS/Oracle et al then HMG will be potentially doing quite well out of the failure of these companies to deliver in penalty arrangements.

    Of which the serving soldier is unlikely to see a penny.

    If however we accepted into service a faulty service and have managed to screw it up by our failure to properly implement the necessary changes (habits, culture, training, problem handling, etc) then the contractor is laughing because more consultants can be thrown at a problem for more cash.

    Sadly, that money is likely to come from the defence budget or close to it.

    Funny old world, eh?
  10. This was always going to happen eventually, why should the MOD be surprised. In any other government department the unions would have leapt on this from the start. Now that the flood gates are open there will be plenty of others no doubt.
  11. The threat of a "class action" on behalf of all JPA's victims might concentrate a few minds....
  12. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

  13. maninblue,

    To my knowledge, I have been affected several times now. And several lads in my unit have been affected by underpayment for nearly 12 months and several errors in inputting data on the system side not their own.

    There should be a fast track system to pay the lads what they are owed or at least to keep their head above water. Several lads have asked if there is a process to claim interest on the money owed. On the grounds that if it were invested (as some of the have invested their money) it would have earnt them money by now.

    I must admit I grinned at the thought of bailiffs entering the RAO. "Yep, we'll have that stationary, and empty the petty cash. The photocopiers will do too, and (just for shits and giggles) we'll have your berets and stable belts too."
  14. It is not difficult to bring a claim in the small claims court. The benefit of doing it yourself is that legal costs are not claimable. To get the ball rolling go into a county court and get a Part 7 Claim form and fill it in. There is nothing to it.