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RAF Officer Cadets get the 'Decisive Edge'

Whoopdee fooking do. And you wonder why crabs look like actual *****!!

PR machine my arrse!

Do you pay this twat for making RIFFRAF looking bad, you are actually a pongo aint you???
..."RAF Officer Cadets are being put through the final demanding tests at RAF College Cranwell before they graduate"

Pencil sharpening 101, Brylcream application for the beginner, Correct methods for barrier lifting (Knees bending, for the use of.). An attendance course for sure.
While working at JARIC I was informed by several Crab officers that there are only two types of RAF officer:

Pilots (AKA two winged master race)
Everyone else - non pilot flying types (navigators) are near the top of this group, everyone else are scribblies (clerks etc)

At least they can spell beret...anyway, only RAF Regt Officers wear berets; all others wear hats, No 1 or Caps, field service.
Can they spell pedantic? and are they trained never to accidently hit the same key twice while under the influence of Tequila?
I honestly never thought anyone on here would be boring enough to pick up on a simple alcohol induced typo but there yer go I'll
know better next time
(note to self.. watch out for spelling police twats on arrse)
Surely the most taxing thing that will be demanded is this test:

'You have been provided with a UIN, the number of the Central Hotel Booking Service and a GPC. It is your task to locate and secure a hotel of adequate standard within easy reach of a beach or a hotel with a pool that measures not less than 0.75 of Olympic Standard and block book it for the duration of this exercise. Bear in mind that members of the RAF of the rank range 'Mate' to 'Bezza' may be forced, in exceptional circumstances to share a twin room, whilst those of the rank range of 'Familial Nickname' to 'Top Gun derivative Nickname' will require single occupancy. All personnel will require a minimum of 4* accommodation whilst engaged on this arduous exercise. Extra points will be awarded for those who secure accommodation with spa facilities or a location not more that 500m from an agreeable lap dancing establishment. In your own time, carry on."

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